What Not To Wear To Stores [Infographic]

At one point or another, you’ve been mistaken for an employee of a store. You accidentally dressed yourself in an outfit that resembles the store’s uniform and the locals can’t stop asking you questions.

This happens all the time in Target. For the most part, all you need to be wearing is a red shirt for a stranger to ask you where they can find light bulbs, peanut butter and greeting cards. But it isn’t just Target. Cases of customer-employee mistaken identity happen in all kinds of stores.

At Best Buy, if you’re wearing a blue polo shirt with khakis, you should be ready for a mother to inquire about a new war game for her son. All you have to be wearing in an Apple store is a blue t-shirt and maybe some Vans or Tom’s shoes for a twenty-something with a messenger bag to ask, “Can I buy an iPhone here?”

Sometimes, your attitude adds to the uniform. If you’re shopping at Hot Topic while rocking dyed hair, piercings, and apathy, chances are you’ll be asked about a shirt with some old internet joke pasted on it. If you’re mulling about Nordstrom in cocktail attire and matching sneer, a customer might pick you to ask, “Why is this Obey shirt $80?”

For the full visual effect, check out the infographic:

How To Avoid Other Customers Thinking You're An Employee

Expect questions about tight-fitting sweaters and skinny jeans if you’re shopping at Urban Outfitters with tattoos. If you’re wearing a blue vest in a Walmart, maybe you shouldn’t be surprised when an old lady asks you where the McDonald’s is located.

If you’re staring off into space at Macy’s with an argyle sweater on, there’s a good chance someone’s going to ask you if the expensive jeans are discounted. Someone might want you to help fix their kitchen if you’re wearing your own orange workman’s apron inside a Home Depot. And don’t be taken aback when someone needs 600 packages of Top Ramen at Costco and they follow you around because you’re wearing a red vest with Shape Ups.

Just be sure what you wear to different stores, so you never have to run a price check or attend customer service meetings.

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