Ask What You Can Do For Your Economy Not What Your Economy Can Do For You

Ask What You Can Do For Your Economy Not What Your Economy Can Do For You

     The United States of America is in economic turmoil. Facing what some say is the largest recession since the 1930′s, the job market is becoming increasingly tough to break into. Having a college degree is one way you can stay ahead of other job seekers . According to a 2009 survey only 70.1% of all high school graduates enrolled in college and 19.5% of those students dropped out of college and never received a degree. Since 2001 job openings have dropped 1.4% giving people with college degrees a better advantage at being hired for the same job as someone who only has a high school education. The job market in becoming fiercely competitive and employers want to hire the most prepared and educated person for the job.

  Unfortunately with the economy in the state it is in, when you do get hired to work for a company it can be just as competitive to keep your job as it was to get it in the first place. Layoffs are at a high percentage. Competition in the work place is something that is present in every work situation. It’s important to be ahead of your coworkers and stand out in some way. Some do this with an incredible work ethic and an understanding of what needs to be done in order to achieve a level of excellence. Others do this by continuing their education and receiving a higher degree such as a masters. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics “workers with a Master’s degree held their jobs through layoffs” versus people holding bachelor’s degrees. 

  Although it is important to get your degree in this economy, it is also important to make sure it is the right decision for you to continue your education. If you decide to go to school and realize half way through that it is not for you, you may not only lose your ability to get a higher paying job but you will also now have loan debt to pay off. For example, minimum wage in New York State is $7.25 per hour. If you work full-time that is $290.00 per week before taxes. If you have student loans and other living expenses it can become incredibly stressful to manage your money and keep some sort of quality of life. It is important to research cost of living in your area and how much minimum wage is. Not every job out there will only pay minimum wage if you do not have a college degree but it is important to figure out what job you can /want to get and how it will affect you financially. Money isn’t everything in life but it is important.

   Due to the economy, another problem we face is poverty. According to the Census, the rate of poverty has risen three years in a row. In 2010 alone there were 46.2 million people living in poverty in the United States. The 2011 United States Hunger and Poverty Facts states that 1 in 7 households do not have a sufficient amount of food to feed the amount of people in that home. In other words at least one person goes hungry in 1 in 7 households in this country. It’s important for not only yourself, but for your future family and the family you have now to plan your finances carefully. If that includes going to college or not it’s important to consider every possible road that can be taken to insure that the poverty rate in this country does not increase and we make an effort to help it decrease. 

  The economy of the Unites States today is sometimes compared to the economy of the Great Depression. Thankfully back then the Government had the opportunity and resources to figure out a plan that could help this country regain financial stability. Unfortunately the same can not be said about today. Today our country is in a huge amount of debt nationally and internationally. Also due to some “disastrous trade policies” most of the products that once were made in the United States are now being manufactured in other countries leaving us with very little ability to create wealth through manufacturing. It is important to realize this “economic crisis” may not have a solution that will resolve this problem any time soon. Some are concerned that as joblessness continues to be a problem we may never feel a “normal” standard of living again. It is our jobs as Americans to create the best possible outcome we can from this by bettering ourselves in hopes of bettering our future.

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