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Recent Layoff Tells/Reviews on Aetna

Only cares about money

Aetna does only treat you like a number. I worked for them for 4 years went out on disability due to having a baby and came back and was layed off , but the new hires who weren't there for a month were kept . I asked why are you hiring when you have to lay off 2,000 people. They couldn't answer
By Someone - as Ex-Employee

Aetna Layoffs

We have recently heard that there are 1000 plus employees on layoff list. Every employee is worried about their job security. This is in the result of declining economy. This is the case with almost every single company, big or small, in the whole US. We are fortunate that the layoff rate in our company is low compared to other companies – and less in our industry –. Let’s see which way the wind blows, and who are struck against this storm.
By Someone - as Employee