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Recent Layoff Tells/Reviews on Allstate


As another laid off employee in '09 who has YET to find a job, I'm SO not surprised to hear about these additional layoffs.

The company still has WAY too many layers, hierarchy, and a top-down militaristic "just do what I say" culture there that's weighing them down. And based on some of the names that surfaced in this wave, some of these people needed to go. When you nurture an employee base where people have been there 20-30+ years and get too comfortable or shuffled from area to area, the productivity, engagement levels - and overall results - are bound to decline.
By Someone - as Ex-Employee

Allstate layoffs

It seems that the sales of our company has declined severally since the economy went down. Due to a mass loss in earnings, company is terminating 1000 employees across all offices in US. I have recently joined this company so fear that there will be mostly newer workers that are let go and old employees will be left because of their tenure. I haven’t spent much time in Allstate but I have seen the management is full of selfish people who want to be on top no matter what.
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Respone to AllState Layoffs

I am in Allsate's Financial unit -- which is what the news article on telonu says will be most affetced. Man, given the sate of the economy it is not surprising -- but thinking of you or your freinds being without a job is always a scary situation.

Here is the News .. The layoffs will come over the next two years, through attrition and elimination of positions, spokesman Rich Halberg said.
All the affected workers are in the Allstate Financial unit, which provides life, accident and health insurance plus other financial products sold through Allstate agencies and brokers.

By Someone - as Employee