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current management

This company is absolutely rediculous!! As an employee for three years, i've seen this operation from every angle underground and surface. The upper management at this complex doesn't know from day to day what there next move is going to be. As the person before stated, long hours, not enough people, seven day a week rotation, which includes all three shifts sure takes it's toll on your body and family life. Most decisions are made from an office in Ohio, they don't let the UG mine mgr do his job nor the plant mgr. It pays the bills, but a horrible place to work... they have no respect for you or your family but expect it from you.

ACC sucks!

There's a lot of politicing that undermines the organizational health and the lack of upward mobility sucks. Long-working hours can sometimes treat your health even, this is a tough place to work for. The worst part is that the reality of the company does not match the claims of freedom of role choice and diverse opportunities. They hire a lot of recent college grads who stay 2-3 years max before moving on to something else and the endless churn can lead to a lack of institutional memory. As well as they layoff their current staff, making a bi gap and resulting in down trend of company.

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