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Love the work...but the management....

I have worked at an Apple retail store for close to 2 years now. Great pay, benefits, 401k, good culture at times.

Perhaps it is just the times, but the culture that I experienced when I first began as a salesperson has dissipated. The people that I work with are invigorating and great to work with, but when it comes to our management, we fall short. Perhaps this is simply in our specific store, but the fact that our leader in the east coast market doesn't take notice to multiple HR complaints about manager demeanor and general employee job satisfaction seems a bit off to me.

Our store used to be very "customer experience" driven where sales were not as important as making sure the customer gets what they need. Now our sales often feel rushed and it truly comes down to our total store composure: if a manager is stressed, they pass that stress onto their employees and in turn these employees don't end up giving as good of an overall customer experience.

Many (not all) of our managers come off as quite stand-offish and defensive when it comes to management and receiving constructive feedback. This general demeanor discourages the idea of open feedback, whether shared from manager to employee or employee to manager. I think what it truly comes down to is that a manager has to lead by example by asking for feedback from their employees. I believe a lot of them cannot put aside pride to ask for constructive criticism since they feel it will make them look incompetent.

Enough of a rant. Great coworkers, great benefits, poor management choices. "Fearless feedback" is a fabled concept that makes appearances in our stores mostly for show, rather than a reinforced mantra that guides the development of our employees.

Loving it

Was always a good place to work but with all the success we have become a great place to work.

What a shame for Steve Jobs!

I couldn't help laughing when Steve tried and tried and tried but the pop up window said 'Safari couldn't open page'

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Steve's expressions were worth seeing.

well deserved market cap

I must say I continue to be humored by all these complaints of a closed Apple garden not tight control on the software etc- I have been developing for the Iphone now for close to two years. My company Multieducator has 30 apps on the Itunes store with 3 for the iPad, and well some times its frustrating to wait for Apple to approve your product- oh yes it can take 1 week to 10 days ( sometimes it happens in hours)- as someone who has been in the software business for close to 20 years, this is the best environment I have ever worked in. Apple has given us software developers a world wide market. Do you know how long and how hard you had to work to get your software into traditional distribution? How many of the people that I did business with over the years went out of business. Now Apple pays us once a month on all products sold and we get to set the price. this is not to talk about the development tools that Apple has, and the tech support both to developers and the public. Google is a great company, but support? I have been working with Google for six years or seven years- and except at a conference I have never spoken to a live person- you think they are going to be the Microsoft of 2010?
Plus to compare then and now is absurd. Apple as the Itunes store which is probably the second biggest online store in the world. It has the most successful stores and one of the most admired brands.
Finally for all the talk of Apple control- how many apps do you think they have turned down in total. Yes twice they have not approved Apps of our because it violated their users interface guidelines- they were right we made mistakes. Would it have been fatal for the user, of course not, but Apple has ensured the fact that everyone who gets an iPhone -iPad applications will know what to expect.


We are # 1

yes, yes , yes yes -- we are the # 1 market cap tech company on this planet. Bravo fellow employees -- I could not be prouder to having owrked her for the last 15 years -- what a ride.
Special thanks to Jobs for coming back and making history for all of us.

Lovin' it -- being a employee here

Apple just blew out the quarter, and guidance is strong, too. Earnings, revenue, and iPhone sales all beat expectations by a mile.

After slipping 1% in regular trading to $244.59, Apple shares surgred in the immediate after-hours reaction to an all-time high above $264.

Most impressive: Apple shipped 8.75 million iPhones last quarter, versus expectations around 7 million. Incredibly, iPhone sales more-than doubled vs. the prior year.

Mac sales were solid: 2.94 million shipped, versus expectations around 2.7 million. And Apple's iPod business is still showing signs of life: 10.89 million units shipped vs. 9 million Street consensus.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the opportunity to tease new products in the company's earnings release. "We've launched our revolutionary new iPad and users are loving it, and we have several more extraordinary products in the pipeline for this year," Jobs said in a canned quote.


Did you see the article in the SJ Mercury News about Apple "elbowing out Google" to become the number one company in the Valley?
"With the total value of its publicly traded stock at $224 billion, up 107 percent from a year ago, Apple now has a market capitalization greater than all but two companies in the United States, Exxon Mobil and Microsoft."
Pretty sweet. Make good products that people want and guess what? You're successful.

iPad launched

After months of rampant speculation, Apple Wednesday announced a touchscreen tablet computer, the "iPad" for consumers who want to take their movies, TV shows, music, games and reading with them, be it around the house or on the go. Pricing starts at $499, and it should be available in 60 to 90 days.


We still need to work harder

I am at the research and development wing of Apple. And I have been there for the last 5 years. We at Apple are constantly striving hard for catching up with the Intel. But according to me “Hard-work” is the principle of the day. There are really exciting people you will be working with. Exciting products are what we are looking to innovate every day. But our real concern is the performance of the retail managers; this is the hot topic we colleagues discuss every now and then. My fellow, with whom I share the room always confront on the discussion regarding the retail outlets, all the time he argues that it’s not our job to figure out their mistakes, while I always reply him that if they could not sell the products efficiently, what’s the point making newer and technology to the world.

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