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atk vege marine

I purchased a atk vege marine motor, had it professionally installed. The motor was under powered and full of trouble. It Blew up after only 38hrs. I will never purchase from this company or any of its affiliates again. Poor quality.
By Someone - as Customer


This company makes themselves sound like they will stand behind their products when this is definitely not true. I ordered a remanufactured engine for my dodge hemi. My certified mechanic put the engine in and had problems from the beginning. I called the warranty dept and instead of shipping me a new engine like most reputable companies would have done, they want me to pay my mechanic to find out whats wrong with their new engine they shipped. Now I'm out of more money and a truck for a while as I try to play the middle man between ATK and my mechanic. Im my opinion this is what should have happened. They should have shipped me a new engine and have me ship me the first one back and they figure out whats wrong with their engine, not my mechanic. After this happened I dug a little further and this company does this quite often so beware. I would not do business with them ever, ever again.
By Someone - as Customer