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ATT Sucks

AT&T was horrible first of all management did not know half of what they where doing, Second pay sucked like hell for the job we where doing for the company and Tier 1 could not pull there head out of there ass about anything. The customers where abusive 100% of the time the job was really high stress! Management could not care at all about what happends to there employees.

On the top side the cubicle space was decent and you had duel monitors to work with which was great when using multiple tools in the environment that you have to work with.

Room for advancement if you wish for it.
Competitive pay, positive work environment, great retirement plan


Terrible Customer Service

Just over a month ago the internet went out at my old house without warning. After spending 3.5 hours on the phone over a four day period, I learned a few things. They switched our internet type (DSL to Uverse) without telling us, sent the new modem to the wrong house, and put the wrong house as our address and couldn't order service to our house for awhile as a result. Finally, a resolution was presented by having a technician come and install the "new internet" for... $300. NOPE! Told them it was their mistake, they pay for it, get it working. They agreed, sent the guy out, and he literally plugged in a new modem. The moral of this story: AT&T just sent me a "NOTICE: PAY YOUR $300 BILL" and they're the ABSOLUTE WORST!
Mac Hill

Learn to value good leadership and management skills
Generally competent management. I've never had many complaints


Health Insurance

Fact: I work for AT&T for 17 years
Fact: I have no health insurance from AT&T even though they take money out for a premium every month
Fact: My child has a disability and the medical bills without insurance are more than I actually make in wages.
Fact: I am bitter and in a hard place. Glad to have a job however unhappy with the charge for insurance yet no coverage.
Not Happy

Reorganize the work space to reflect the mission of improving the "environment"


Poor Customer Srevice

Ive worked in New Albany Ind since the late 1980's as a Telephone Repairmen & boy has Customer Service went down hill since the take-over of AT&T. We the Employees would love to take care of the customers but management will not let us. Mgrs require that we do 4 repairs aday and this is impossible to do when most repairs take 5 hrs to all day for multiple problems on the line. Instead we have to bandaide the problem & then when it rains, more problems. The people in the country have the most problems. Im sure that if they had cell service that they would drop us in a second. I notice on some of these blogs that supposed employees are telling everybody what a great place it is to work when in all reality it is Management poseing as actual employees. I guarrentee Im not a manager. Every day I come to work you can cut the tention with a knife & that is how bad the morale is at our garage. Sure the benefits are good for the family but if you use them for yourself after FMLA runs out your as a good as fired! Management thinks they are so smart with their "Beat Down Mentality" when in all reality it just back fires on them. This is not a good job. Nobody gets together anymore after work to have a beer or play softball anymore which is just a sign of the lack of brotherhood we use to have. My managers favorite quote is "Just Do It & Stuff", what an idiot! Ive got 2 months to finish up my degree & Im outa here on my own terms!

Most of the benefits like time off and holidays are great.
It's a declining mainline denomination


build more of a community type of feel to the company


Installation & Repair

I recently worked for AT&T for 13 years as a telephone repairman which is the atual (Back-Bone) of the company, and I hated it after 5 yrs due to the fact that management was so hateful on a daily basis. I was treated better than this in the Army. In my 13 years, Ive never seen a poor employee get to keep their job so when I hear comments like this and how good it is to be working for AT&T, I think its actually management poseing as a union employee to distort facts. I decided to leave after all of the unnecessary beat downs of the job even though I was a good employee. You see, I dont have a $200,000 house, a trophy wife, a bass boat or a new car every 5 years so I dont have to put up with it like the others here on-line complaining. Before AT&T I already had a good job as an Electrician & Heat & cool guy. My new boss doesnt tell me every day how lucky I am to be there or how lucky I am to have a job because I make him a $1000 a day. I made $ 18 an hour at it but was happy, then came along $32 an hour by AT&T but not worth the pay or the quality of life. My suggestion for any one is to take advantage of their educational benefits, then leave. Do you folks really think your gonna get your 20 yrs in?? Every year the company gets worse and worse to work for. Management couldnt get a job at Radio Shack if they wanted to. I am a christin and refuse to work for a bunch of crook! Better your your education and self, then get out!
Dr Dialtone

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