Automatic Data Processing

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vps who know little

Certain executives are mismanageing the programmers
By Vociferous - as Vendor/Partner

Little promotion from within
Practice what you preach! 

By Someone - as Employee
By kevins432
Oh, I got promoted a few times along with a little more money each time but things there are always getting worse. Bottom line...Layoffs can happen at any time and there's no loyalty to the older employees.

The job is very demanding. 
Maintain stability in your middle management for consistency.

By Someone - as Employee

Is adp a good company for a recent college grad?
By college grad - as Other
By kevins432
It depends. Prepare to work your butt off for low end money.
By Hallway User
No Way Very strage environment

extremely high turn over rate

By Someone - as Employee
By kevins432
You're a number there, not a person. You can work there for 20 years and get laid off at the drop of a hat.

Respect employees and learn to value diversity of opinions.
Less hours, try rewarding employees more for the hard work they do.

By Someone - as Employee

piping draughtsman

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am V.Michael Raj Diploma in Mechanical Engineering holder with First Class. I came to know about your organization through mail. It is well and important to make a career for me. I have 3 years Experience in Piping Draughtsman(CAD). I am very much interested to make a good career from your esteemed organization knowledge for provide my effort.

Here, I am attached my resume with this. Still I am waiting for a career from your organization.
Present Location : Chennai
Availability : Immediately

Thanks and Regards,
Michael Raj,
By Someone - as Employee

This company has potential to take more shares in the cloud computing area.
Option to choose the location of the employees choice.

By Someone - as Employee

I think the managers at least who I work with are very good
I have no advice to give to management.

By Someone - as Employee

ADP Labor abuse

ADP, like many other companies, are abusing labor laws by laying off regular employees and replacing them with temporary contractors who may work at a tremendously reduced wage with no health insurance benefits, no 401k, and no vacations for several years until ADP decides to discard them to the unemployment line.

This is an assault to the American working work ethic and it borders on ethical abuse feeding off on the need for people who are desperately trying to make ends meet.

Who cries for thee Argentina?
By Someone - as Vendor/Partner
By Hallway User
Bravo Very sick and disgusting environment