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BIG layoffs are coming folks; get ready. This week was the first of massive numbers of layoffs for Finance, IT and HR. Think in the range of 20%. The company is in trouble with Wall St and they've decided this is the way to fix it; right or wrong.
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Baker Hughes laid off everybody that signed up with the company in November 2011 we all get flyed out from different states like Georgia , Florida and Mississippi and then once it becomes 2012 they fire the first batch of folks then they lay the rest of us off May 2nd 2012. They did this not because they did not have money they did it to save money from what i understand it was all TAX RIGHT OFFS and they saved close to 30 Million hire all of us. DAMN SHAME like i said SUCK ASS COMPANY!!!!
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Just be glad you were not injured while working for them.

BHI Discussion Group and Recruiters

One of my experience was during discussion groups. I used to contribute and gained many friends through Baker Hughes however, i tried questioning recruiters about there job application process and as i got closer in discovering there techniques and how they were deceiving the application system and applicants across the world, they realized i was catching up to there skeem, before you know it i was unplugged. Luckily those friends i gained communicate with me via my regular email. Many of them also dropped out after what we all discovered.
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No coverage of Austim

It's great to know that a company that makes billions of dollars a year cannot afford for their employees and their families to receive decent health coverage. It's not United Healthcare that is the issue. Baker Hughes has it set up so that we are only partially insured which means state and federal laws don't protect our rights. Colorado's HIMAT law does nothing against the corporate monster known as Baker Hughes.
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Their Workers Comp is listed as Gallagher Bassett but you get hurt you have National Union Fire Company to contend with, which in court is listed as a "Foreign Company". Just do not get hurt while working for these people. Your life will never be the same.

Cutbacks coming

Just heard, Baker's chopping heads again, good ol boy system at work, looking for another job
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By someone
yes thats correct and everyone at Hartlepool is being made redundant even though Liverpool cant cope. Someone at the top has not done the maths right and made a very stupid decision. They will regret it one day because all it takes is for one of the other plants to be on shut down and they will be in big trouble

Just heard, impending cut backs, good ol boy system at work again at Baker
By Baker Hughes - as Employee

dirt politics-driven company

I worked for this company 6 years. Glad I quit before ship sink. It used to be a good company which was diversified and technology-driven. The culture of BHI was totally changed after those “smart” GE guys abroad. They act like poison no any idea of oil industry. Management Re-shuffling brought the most horrible dirty office politics you never can image. No one cares the company anymore but their position and politics. Promotion doesn’t depend on your performance but on which side you stand. The whole dust won’t settle down in 5 years. Consistent and random layoffs hurt every employee. Never recommend this company. Try your best to keep away from it.
By mevsmid - as Ex-Employee

I too was laid off due to the "economic dowturn." The rumors I have heard is that when Baker and BJ were merging, two of the senior officials, embezzled $80 Million from Baker causing these layoffs. I doubt any thought was put into who got laid off. I was hired to work in San Antonio but was "training"(sitting in a class room doing nothing) in Bryan,Tx. Very unpleasant experience. I will never reconsider working for this complany again.
By menso - as Ex-Employee

Most of these jobs fall under US Land in what was previously BJ Services. They had a hiring blitz in Q4 of last year. We were mostly equipment operators and mechanics involved in pressure pumping. I was told to pack my bags and be in my hotel lobby at 3:30am. I was then driven 2hrs. away to another hotel and sequestered in a small conference room with 16 others. Our driver was instructed to play humurous YouTube videos to keep us entertained. We were called out one at a time, fired and driven to the airport with a one way ticket home.

We were not even considered for any of the other 1800 jobs currently posted as available. I respect the business decision to respond to a change in market conditions. But with all those unrolled positions, words cannot begin to describe how violated I feel to be treated this way after just two months of service. The add I responded to when I was hired said 'Come with ambition leave with a career'.
By Someone - as Ex-Employee

For those still employed and posting, it is sad to read your ignorant responses with poor grammar. It kind of negates your claim to being smart. It's the corporate world and the unfortunate happens, not for any specific reason at any given time.

Best of luck to all those seeking and also to all employed, there are never any guarantees.
By human - as Employee
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You have no clue!


So many layoffs just happened this week. There were over 300 lays offs due to over hiring. They claim its the economy. We know its and idiot who forgot to count. People relocated their families and bought vehicles thinking they had a job for at least a year. In just a few months right after the merger between BJ and BHI they laid off the first people they hired after the merger. They said they were called the blitz team because they were hired so fast. What a shame. Management blames corporate , corporate blames in house management. Blame games always. Right now I am worried if they will lay off some more...The lay offs that I know of were in Alice TX , Laredo TX Odessa TX Victoria TX, Edinburg Tx. Must have been from those job fairs they had. It seems like they fired those guys. Be careful if they offer you a job...ask how long the job is for first.
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