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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

I work in one of the Ball manufacturing plants.

Pros: Good pay, clean work environment, 401k, company stock purchase option, quarterly bonuses, yearly raises. Most co-workers are cooperative.
If you have the good fortune to land on the right crew, supervisors are fair and personable.

Cons: No work life balance due to work schedule (12 hour shifts, 4 on/4 off, rotating shifts every 4 months).
Poor medical benefits. Doctors are reluctant to take new patients with Ball insurance due to poor reimbursement. High deductibles and part of premium is the employee's responsibility.
Factories are not climate controlled and can be extremely hot in the summer months.
Some co-workers lazy or unqualified (see nepotism/favoritism below).
Promotions/hirings are based on nepotism and favoritism.
Some supervisors aren't the easiest to work with/for.

Bottom line: It's factory work. Ball is better than most, but not the best place to work.

I am currently employed

I am from New York, NY and currently employed as System Engineer at Ball. It's a great place to work as a programmer. The tasks we work on are mostly interesting and challenging. This is a place which offers great opportunities to move forward in life. The work atmosphere is great and the company makes effort in taking care of the employees. Some of the drawbacks of this company are that the management is quite unorganized and makes quite reactive changes., They also hired many managers from outside the company rather than promoting from within and additionally the size is making the company less efficient as time goes by.

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