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great employee service

recently we were on a trip and stopped at the local belk store in Sevierville, tn. I had trouble paying my bill on line before we left and did not know my card had been frozen until I began checking out...the employee sherina orlill (not sure about last name) was checking me out...there was some confusion over my senior discount and my belk reward dollars and the purchase had to be rechecked...she was very calm even tho it was time for her to check out..then when she rechecked everything we found out my card was not active...she call the appropriate people and the customer service people explained everything, corrected my account and I was on my way...I was there about 15 min and she was always very helpful, friendly, and accommodating even though it was past time to have a very carrying employee in this woman and also the one on the phone with customer service

No employee breaks or lunches

I was surprised to learn that there are no actual laws requiring breaks or meals on a shift. This is likely because regulators like OSHA assume that employers will be good stewards of their employees health and self impose them. They were apparently unaware (and evidence suggests) that Belk is being run by an immoral horde of barbarian Huns. They allow no breaks or meals on truck days (usually three times a week) until the truck is processed. This varies in time from department to department but it can often take up to 8 hours to complete, which of course means no food or rest for the entire shift. It does sound "southern", but I'm gonna' go with no on the "modern" and "style".

Belk North Carolina

Belk was the worst job I ever had and I have been in the workforce for 18 years. That's pretty bad, considering I have worked for Macys, JCPenney, LSAyres, and other retaill establishments. I have worked in four restaurants, held two office jobs, worked in childcare, and in two service stations. I hold a BBA degree, but in this bad economy I found myself for two years, 2009-2011, at Belk as a sales associate. I wish I had never accepted their offer of employment. I stated at $8.40/hr, then $9.75/hr, then $7.25/hr. Pretty bold of them huh? Don't work there. Don't support them. Don't shop there. They really take advantage of their emloyees and their management is like working for a bunch of clowns. Except it ain't funny.

about!I placed an order for two items, and only received one. Here is the problem with that; while I understand that sometimes items become "unavailable"..I feel that if a customer places an order online under the impression he or she will receive that order in completion, that as a customer, we should receive an email stating which item has become unavailable between time of purchase and shipment! Instead, I receive an email stating that "your order has been shipped!".. failing to mention that something within that order is now unavailable! (?) Sure, the back of the invoice with my incomplete order explains "0" beside quantity as an item no longer in stock..but you should have enough regard for your customers to let them know via email. Don't say its been shipped when it hasn't! ..Give the customer a chance to start shopping for that item elsewhere before its too late (in the case that it was supposed to be a gift , which in my case, it was). I will most definitely stick with from now on as they have NEVER screwed up an order or mine. What I order is sent to my house in 3 days..never missing an item. I suggest you take lessons from them. First time with

Not enough employee development
They do not pay very well, there is not a easy way to get promotions.


About to leave...

I'm a current Belk employee who will be leaving in the next week or so. I love it. Shady practices by management. Other employees are a pain in the rear. But overall it's fun. just don't get involved in stupid stuff and you'll be fine.

I've been a Jacksonville,FL32224, customer, since 1990's and I've always have found quality products, for the money, and excellent customer service.

Annette Bowles


Bring the bigger brands such as Raplh Lauren, Lacoste, etc. to other Belk stores. I live near charlotte and the brands in the Belk stores there are better than the ones in Concord or Albemarle.

No comments


I can't understand why they pay new employees more! Some people have worked there for years and don't get any increase in pay no matter what you do! You can put every hour everyday in to your job and don't get anything for it. They just want more out of you!

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