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bad sofa and loveseat

I paid roughly $1,600.00 for a reclining love seat and sofa. I had asked the sales clerk for her best quality of furniture to look at and she confidently recommended Best Home Furnishings saying it was well made with extra springs and coils and solid wood construction. The sofa and love seat were gorgeous and comfortable and so plush and soft to the touch. We purchased the pair and were delighted initially. But after a couple weeks the fabric started looking shiny where we had sat on it like a dress suit that has been worn for years. I thought my daughters might have sat on it with sunscreen or lotion on their legs, which they denied, but then it started showing where my husband and I sat too. Then after about 3 months the buttons started popping off one by one and the threads started breaking, changing the patterns of cushioning. The padding on the foot rests got so flat that you could feel the wood. The cushioning in the seats flattened out unevenly and the whole appearance of the couch and love seat was like one that was 20 years old instead of less than 1 year old. I contacted the store and spoke with the same clerk that sold me the furniture. She had me take photos and email them to her. Then I was told that all they would do was sew the buttons back on. Nothing else! The sewing on of the buttons would be free, but I would have to pay to have the pieces picked up and redelivered and would be without my furniture for an undetermined amount of time. It didn't seem worth the price they were asking and being without my furniture for who knows how long to still have ugly worn out furniture. So we just cover the ugly things with blankets and quilts and keep on using them disgusted with what fools we were to buy such sorry furniture. But I will never buy from that store or Best Home Furnishings ever again because they don't stand behind their product. The frame and mechanics still work fine after 3 years, but the looks is terrible.

couch warranty

bought a leather electric sofa 1/20/2011, one of the metal strips that run up the back broke thru the back, because the warranty started when the sofa was manufactured (not told of this when we bought it date on tag, had to go under couch to find this) the date was 3/18/2010 out warranty of 18 months ran out after 11 months and of course we needed it to repair our couch which is not under warranty anymore. We called and they said to bad we should have checked out the tag to see the manufactured date and our warranty had run out. So much for buying US made products.

Do not Use Home Furnishing Company

I should have known I was going to have trouble when we went to the showroom in Denver to look at furniture. First, the showroom, if you can call it that, is terrible. Not much furniture to look at, just a big empty warehouse full of outdated crap. Second, I made the mistake of ordering furniture that I saw in an order book and did not get to see it first. Third, they still have not delivered it. They keep giving me excuses that the delivery service companies trucks are broken. Asking for a refund. Do not use Home Furnishing Company for anything, stay away...

Recent Furniture Purchased

Well, I went into the Denver location to home furnishings and purchased a mattress and bedroom set. I called to find out why my furniture had not been delivered yet. His said they are still loading the truck. About 3 hours later he called back to tell me the mattress I bought wasn't in stock. He said it would have to be delivered the next day. I told him people take days off from work to do this stuff. I asked to have white glove service (have them set up the bed and stuff inside the home) due to the inconvenience. He said "No" "I gotta charge you for that if you want that." So I paid for the white glove service. An additional 40.00 for a total of 79.99. He stated my delivery would be the first of the day. I told him I have to pick up my son at 3:30 pm. He said no problem it will be in the morning. Well, folks it's 2:00pm and not even a phone call to apologize for the delay. Mind you, I purchased this stuff on Monday. I am still waiting for my furniture I purchased. Today is Friday. At this point with 2 days invested (missing work) if I don't get what I purchased today I will be requesting a refund. keep you guys posted to see if I even get a phone call or even get it delivered today. I spent 874.74 total. What a way to ruin a kids Christmas. This is why other places charge more to hire more personnel and buy more trucks to get the furniture to you in at least 48 hours. For now they get an "F" and a complaint with BBB.

Best Club Chairs are very good!

I own a wonderful Best Home Furnishings Club Chair. I am well pleased with it. The Quality is excellent.

Looking to purchase a new recliner maybe the "Bodie: model.

I think they are much better than Lazy Boy.

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