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"Best in class" is no class

I was released with quality and quantity ( a 5 & a 4) above "expectations" The rest of the review was subjective and did not necessarily reflect the true work ethic or abilities of the employee. I was subjected to bulling and harassment from my supervisor constantly but kept my mouth shut because my job was more important. When I did mention things it was just my "perception" of the situation. Were we fired or laid off and will we get unemployment? I really liked my job but just didn't fit their perception of "best in class" Bridgepoint showed "no class" in the treatment of it's employees. What does this do to the moral of the remaining employees? This is only a temporary employment employee.
By Someone - as Ex-Employee
By anonymous
I agree We are basically glorified telemarketers. We are told we don't cold call but we are told to call students several times through out the day , and to send emails and leave voice mails everyday even when the student says no. We are told it is not about numbers but our success is measured on the amount of apps per week we bring in and if we question our managers coaching we are seen as defiant despite the fact that our manager may be wrong. I am someone who took this job because I was told that i would be servicing people. I would be an actual "counselor" and instead 80 percent of my work day consists of me dialing numbers daily , trying to "recruit" students or what I say"beg " students to go to school. but as an employer unless someone was looking for a temp job or was a true hustler I would not recommend this job . They treat us like battered wives they verbally and mentally tell us were nothing and then give us free zoo tickets like they are awesome. UHM not.