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Work pace is often chaotic.

Some of the people that are in management positions are not experienced enough to hold such positions. The recent decision to lay off Branch Assistant Managers was shortsighted.
By Someone - as Employee

How they do it

Capital One is a large bank. They hire and fire in cycles. It's cheaper for them. Don't let you get too high up the payscale.
I was in a dept of about 350 people when they called everyone in one day, even if you had the day off. They hearded us down to a main room, with our names on rosters in back of room. Told us to find our names, then head to assigned rooms. They split us up into about 10 different classrooms. Only one classroom, the one I was in, was kept. Everyone in the other 9 classrooms was released that day without notice. Some got severance. Many did not.
My workload then went through the roof for about a year and it was all the overtime I wanted. It was stressful, but I probably did an extra 20 hrs a week bec my family needed the money.
Was given three promotions in the two years to follow, but it was just more work at less pay. Few chances to go up unless you sleep around, party with the opposite sex when you're on co trips or just brown nose like you've never seen before. I am not kidding. You have never seen anything so disgusting and so blatant.
I want to run far away and will the second I can get another job. I'm looking and saving money for a move. I would rather sell my body on the streets of a foreign country than work there. It's horrible. Managers are nasty, unless you're in the club. It makes the Office (TV show) look tame.
By Someone - as Employee
By carrie3715

How to survive in Layoffs?

The job is not as it was described in the interview. To some extent since the company is so large you are just a number there. Nepotism reigns in the company. It's the friends you make in high places that determine how much power you have. Not your competency. Hence you gotta be in good books of your manager to get promoted and survive layoffs.
By Someone - as Employee
By Brown Nose
Wow it sounds like Animal House. I guess those bailouts were good for some people!
By Future whistleblower
This is so true. I have been there 5 years. Despite lots of extra internal graduate training Six Sigma and great performance reviews, I remain in the dirt. Others, who are much less qualified, yet know how to party, perform at private parties in hotel rooms and elsewhere, are going up the ladder quick. It's well known. This place is more like a frat house than most frat houses I've been in. And I've been in many. Management and upper mgmt are aware of all this, condone it and even encourage it. I regularly see petting between people who are married, but not to each other, long lunch breaks between managers (3-4 hours), misuse of corporate cards for private parties and shopping. CEO Rich is aware, but stockholders are not. I think the board would want to know. If I can get my promotion and get the hell out of there I will be so happy.