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Layoff May2013

Big layoff today - depressing - infusion R&D & S/W Test really got whacked. I'm not in that group, but that doesn't make me feel any better. Maybe our turn will be next? I guess I should start looking around. Feeling old and useless at the moment.
By Anonymous - as Employee

Carefusion SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

They keep laying people off!!!!!! What's up with management????? I see hundreds of thousands of dollars "as I write" being thrown away on remodeling a whole section of building B upper floor. It was beautiful to begin with.

I also know that Dwight Winstead's office cost more than 50K to remodel. How disgusting, to say the very least. That is a year's salary for someone.

GRAPPA? Good luck DMG. I'm sure I'll hear about the "big crash" in April that you cause from someone who is still employed there. You have no idea do you??? I can say now...I told you so!

Of course for the people who are still employed Carefusion is all peachy. I say....YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU CAREFUSION for hurting all of us when you really didn't have to. I hope you sleep well at night Dwight and all the rest of you who relish in $$$ and huge bonuses while we go hungry, end up homeless, lose our posessions and whatever else happenes due to being unemployed...all becasue of you.
By Someone - as Ex-Employee
By Thrilled to be OUT!!
This organization blows...Turn and Burn...How transparent!! Fire the older seasoned reps...hire a replacement for 20-30 K less in salary...Old Man Schlotterbeck is out..hes worried that the rediculous qoutas and what is reported to Wall Street are gaonna catch up to him.... 4X your quota...COME ON!!!!! A Major Shame...some really good products...but soem really DUMB management....I swear...these guys just kiss the the ass above them...