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Build your resume and leave

Company is run way to lean. They heap way more work on their employees than can ever be accomplished. As an account manager, I spend over 60 hours a week trying to accomplish the impossible and get no respect or support from management. The good thing is that it looks great on a resume. Use them to move on to bigger and better things; this is a glorified blue collar route sales job.


Its a good company, it has problems like all companies, I have worked for coke Threw the years changes happen, people one and go, but I feel it was the best company to work as crazy as sales are, it is a good company

Bas company to work for. Does not treat employees fair. Very political


Bad experience

As big the name is, as many problems crop up there. I hadn’t experienced anything good there during my 7 years career and eventually I was kicked out in the pretext of Layoff. It is going to shut down a plant in Pennsylvania which will bring more layoffs and redundancies. Although it doesn’t seem that this largest company in beverage industry can be affected by the declining economy, it is true that the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.

American Icon -good for employees too

Coca-Cola is as we all know an American icon – but what I really like is that in this day and age it is truly an ethical company that is honestly trying to do the right things for its customers and for its workers too. The majority of the employees are intelligent, funny, and considerate and you feel that the people you are surrounded with are smart, balanced, forward-thinking, and progressive. Supervisors are not in their towers, they willing to help you along with your career path. Managers are not only looking out for the company but for your best interests as well. I am thoroughly enjoying my experience here ( in Finance for last 3 years) because of the great company and amazing people. Also, it's a great company to have on your resume especially if you want to go to a top notch business school.

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