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Working there

This is the biggest sweat shop I have ever been at. They lost a lawsuit regarding working through lunches, overtime and no breaks but still continue to do so. They know they can get away with it because there are alot of escrow / title qualified poeple out there who are desperate for the work and need the work. They bring you in on the pretext of "hiring " you full time with benefits, then "oh we can not hire you, the numbes just arent there ". Oh the numbers are there for the upper management who are making top $$$$ of off of the sweat off of the ground floor workers. If you can avoid this company at all cost.


First American Title Insurance Co.

To those looking to work for or to do business with this company, I offer this warning: Be Careful!!!!!

Although this 125 year old dinosaur outdates most of us, so does its procurement and payables policies. Net 30 for standard payment terms is a joke; since being split from CoreLogic, the payment terms are more like Net 180.

Contracting with its procurement department dates back to pre-internet. The time it takes to flip a contract for signature is ridiculous; so bad that there is no baseline measurement. The procurement department is staffed with several people and its process for contracting is so sub-optimal that good people come and go from this department throughout the year.

If you're looking to do business fast and expeditiously; you might want to consider putting your emphasis on deals with other companies in your pipeline because the one with First American will be the headache that your sales team can't afford (negative ROI).

Someone needs to fire these tired and old managers and bring on talent with true Strategic value!

My friend got laid off

Seeing people being laid off is very easy but putting yourselves at their place tells you how actually they feel.
A friend of mine has recently got laid off and I really felt as if I have been laid off myself. He was very depressed. I hope he gets something better soon.

First American As Intertitle in India Bangalore

Wel from where do i start off... people say a load about First American in US being good dat and this omg... Its Number one Title Insurance Company in US but they really dont know how holy shyty thing it is in Bangalore as Intertitle... Apart from work satisfaction there is nothing u can speak good about it... Its one of the cheapest company i would say where people are respected and treated below average... Both US and Intertitle Management suckz to the core.. There is nothing like Employee benefit the company is always behind money money like a dog behind the bone.. People work so hard for the company but end of the year the max hike they Give is $60 or maybe even less than dat u can beat that.... Here in Intertitle people dont except much but it does't mean that the company shu go so cheap makin profit and giving nothing for employes who put their heart and soul to make it the best... hOly im not gonna rate First American because i dont think they deserve to be rated... Zero zero Zero from all corner of the world

First American Suckkkz. I have been here a short while, but just not happy with the cuture etc

Give more importance to employees

Working for First American Corp has been a great experience for me. The company culture is very friendly while being professional. The senior management is full of innovative ideas and regularly brings something new to the table. The only downside of working for this organization is that there are not many career growth opportunities for the average employee. You will feel like a car stuck in a ditch, as promotions are very hard to come by.

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