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3/27/2013 Layoffs

Company just went through a reorganization with 150 people losing their jobs.
Years of bad management, poor employee engagement, being out of touch with the average university/college student, and an e-commerce website that is 5-10 years behind their competitors have left them in a bad place.


Company needs a 180

Many problems with this company. They could easily quadruple sales and it would not cost them much to do so. Management from top too bottom need to take their business seriously a not use the company as their own personal piggy bank. Would not advise investing here until they show a vast improvement.

Don't work here

I worked here off and on for quite a few years on a temporary basis, but recent changes in management have made it impossible for me to return. It used to be a fun, college-oriented environment but it has become extremely stressful. The whole attitude of management and upper-management has changed for the worse. They cut our hours, breaks, and are demeaning to positions below their own. Sorry, but some of them are racist too and treat foreign student employees with little respect or kindness. They seem to be jealous of every minute you're on the clock and don't immediately have a customer in front of you. It has gotten ridiculous and I'm not going back. I realize some people don't have any other choice...Follett knows that too and they're taking advantage of the poor economy to get the last drop of blood, sweat, and tears from their employees.


Yesterday a processor fell and hit her head another processor tried to get help call our line supervisor c side she didnt answer her phone finally got help the processor was taken out by ambulance c side supervisor never came to see what happen or to see if she was alright but let our hair not be put back she would be there in second to tell us to put it back what's more important a 5 minute meeting or an a employee that just got hurt and taken to the hospital it's really sad that's people don't care about each other only themselve and the mighty dollar and the power to give order and to treat people like they are below you becaues you have a title of supervisor. and words that come from you,out of your mouth and other supervisors, the famous one is,because we can,that's really professional no i think that's being really rude and no respect,folett value don't think so,

Run Away from this company

Horrible management and lawless attitude toward labor. They will fire you for no reason, cut hours, and break multiple labor laws. Don't let this company put you down and ruin your resume. If you're offered a job, run away. If you work there, get out asap, before you're burned.

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