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How many lay-offs have there been at the Bagdad mine in 2012? I have several years experience in mining and would like to work for Freeport-McMoRan in Bagdad, but have heard they have lay-offs quite often. Want to hear from someone who works there.

What is there to layoff people?

They need to have a little more field experience before they make judgments. Management decision based on instant stockholder gratification and not for the good overall health of the company. My contention is that it is government policy that is causing layoffs to happen and our management warned us today about upcoming layoffs. It's a mining company, so it's an old-boys club in a lot of ways and most of the people who were let go didn’t have good contacts with the management otherwise those who are management favorite, although they are not fit to stay in, they are secure in their positions.

Freeport layoff

Since the financial conditions in the company are declining constantly layoffs are in the rumor mill every day – when we were doing well the top mgmt got huge bonuses – now that we are down the top mgmt still get bonus and get to stay while the little guys making less than 40K is laid off --- Freeport-McMoRan looking to layoff 1000 employees.


Solid company

There are plenty of people who are willing to work hard at FMI. Here, you have a chance to move in any direction within the FMI’s boundaries as it’s a large and diverse company. FMI enormously values its customer so they are very much focused on quality, which is a good thing.

Good training programs are offered for those who really want to learn and enhance their careers. Management provides remarkable incentives and bonuses to its employees to keep them motivated towards their efficiency. As the company is committed to acquiring talent, you can find many bright people with great industry experience at FMI. No doubt it’s a worthwhile name on your resume.


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