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I don’t really have any advice to management
Take care of your Associates and Assistant Managers- they shape your store.


I was NEVER coming back

Most of the supervisors were lazy and stupid. There was one that was very nice though and I liked her but her shift was never the same as mine. Had to beg to use the bathroom and they would time you. tick, tick, tick...They would come looking for you if it was 1 minute or more! Told them that I would not work on Sundays (it was my bowling night) but they would schedule me anyway. Great job opened up in the location, I asked to be considered and nobody would follow up or take me seriously.
Hated this place! I found a new job and was so happy when I turned in my badge and left a post-it that I was NEVER coming back.

work load

i work as the visual merchandiser at a small street store in the bergen district of new jersey. the workload has been INSANE lately, especially considering all of the hours we are forced to cut. i feel defeated after almost every shift, because i can never get anything complete.

a company that does not (and will never) walk their preach

a very controversial company. say tonnes, laundry list of values, BS of PPA goals/objectives, blah blah blah....but none of it is truly for an individual. HIGHLY EXTREMELY political. u need to know to be somebody's favorite to move upwards. NO need to be diligent, smart (only smart in the political way. u can be a female dumb dumb who sits on bosses' laps or with high "interpersonal social drinking partying skills" to be well-liked and recognized as organizational savvy and suitable for be a leader. LTs tell u to abide by compliance & ethics codes, ALL BS!! this team behave otherwise.
corporate office really does not know what the heck goes on at the hubs. local heads make sure only good stuff are said even if it means not telling the truth.
and on and on and on and on...................

Store Closure

I loved Gap, but was very disappointed when, after being promoted to Store Manager in November '07 and being told the store would remain open until at least 2010, I was given the news about two and a half months later that the store was closing. What was even worse: I was told we had FOUR WEEKS!! The "closing store checklist" started 3 months out - everything had to be condensed into less than a month. Probably the thing that was most frustrating was, on top of being sad (that store was practically my second home having been there for four years and starting as a sales associate), everything was handled horribly! Even after a long conference call about the timeline of events, everything that was apparently scheduled to occur was actually not scheduled - the woman who was in charge of scheduling anything and everything that needed to be removed, taken down, disassembled, etc., and who had given me the timeline of events (I can only assume) didn't actually have anything scheduled. The guys who had come to take down the exterior signs were given the wrong address, for crying out loud - my store was in Texas and they were given the address of a store in Georgia! I received a call from one of the guys when they somehow got the information that they were headed in the wrong direction and didn't know if they would be at my store by the expected time the following day. I loved the company - they know how to take care of their people, from my point of view. After this incident, however, it is hard for me to even walk into a Gap store. I can't help but think about how the loyal associates of that store, including myself, were "rewarded" with that kind of treatment - I felt like we were shown no sympathy from anyone other than my DM and Store Managers in my district. I'm understanding of a store closing due to economic factors, but it's still my opinion that it is the company's obligation to show those people support, sympathy, and gratitude for our years of service.

Jolly good place to work

Gap has a very entrepreneurial spirit and there are no limits to what we can do. I have a lot of pride in what I do and the product that I deliver. The managers are really nice; also it's pretty flexible with your schedule so if you're a student you can work on weekends or after school.
Gap is well known for very high-quality clothing and is a great place to work when building a wardrobe for the corporate/office world. The environment created by management is one that creates respect within, and begets respect throughout. Employees have a voice, and whether you want to move up, or voice a concern, matters are always taken into consideration. Of course, to me at this stage the discount on clothes is awesome; your employee discount can be used at any of the Gap brand stores which include: Banana Republic and Old Navy.


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