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Layoffs and treatment of women

Recently have layoff of about 30 employees several that had been there 30 plus years as well as working close with customer.
These people helped to build this company. To top it of there are job listing for some of the same jobs!!!!
Sales dept. forget about. The folks left don't have the experience to take care of our clients
Being a women in this male dominated facility is horrible nightmare! Your exspected to take what they dish out. Can't go to HR Can't go to management
There's no way women should deal with the treatment,language and action towards us. Crud and rude acts. It is HELL
First of the year my position is going salary .... I've been here several years with recently being under GD rein. This company is going down like a snow bal headed for hell. SAD to see what
has transpired I the last three years

Ain't so bad :)

I like working here. If you pull your weight and have an open mind in terms of understanding the reality of the defense industry's situation, you can do well here. It's the dead weight that do 99% of the complaining, and they are the loudest.

The people that enjoy working here don't have time for nonsense like complaining about a company on the internet. Don't believe the hype!

Continued layoffs

GDC4S continues to layoffs is employees to compensate for its leadership ineptness Yet accountability and action at the leadership level is non existent.
Major changes and reductions are needed with the president and the vast amount of VPs
Any young engineer would have to be pretty hard up to come to GDC4 S

Lack There of

I have been working for the Land Systems side of the house for over 7yrs and before that I had 20 plus years of expirience of Army Logistics, what I have found in my time of employment is the lack of leadership especially from Auburn. There is no standard, no fair and equal treatment,morale is low due to the lack of quallified experienced supervisors. There is no support from Upper Management ( Warehouse Manager) so what is left is a very unhappy hostile working enviroment filled with threats and unfair work practices.

I was laid off from general dynamics land systems because my evaluation was low because I was off on a sick leave with a terriblemental illness.

It's not fun to be at work and most of the employees don't really want to work

Human resources is more dedicated to protecting corporate policies then helping staff. The senior leadership doesn't always seem to completely understand the market and customers it works with.

There are not many perks available

The healthcare plans and benefits in general seem to be on a relative decline over the past couple of years. Due to compliance issues and the fear of legal action, often standing out is difficult.

Company has become very large and is easy to get lost

Achievements are not always recognized by management. It is notorious for being tight fisted when it comes to employee compensation. I know a lot of people that don't get recognized because they are tucked away in a call center or a network ops center.

Northrop Grumman is a big company so it has the big company mentality.

Morally, you are part of the enormous war-making machine that is the defense industry.
No real help finding other internal opportunities when projects end.

Who else got laid off?

I was laid off 2 years ago... But I didn't panic...

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