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goodrich aerostructures layoffs

we have now heard 2 weeks ago layoffs are looming 6% but no details of which plants will be affected. I am in Chula Vista Aero plant.

Also heard that golden parachutes are not going to be offered. Guessing UTC is waiting for some to leave and others to retire. UTC has not told us much of anything about how our benefits, overtime for salaried and 9/80 days will be affected. Only that we are in hiring freeze for now....

We are expecting Layoffs soon in July 2012 at Goodrich located in Cheshire CT. We were told in town hall meeting that company was not excepting voluntary layoffs and production associates were not going to receive severance pay.... but management will receive severance pay if layoff. SMH

Career is a crash growth at this site. No room to grow.

From the Get Go, misleading intentions were planned that lead to an abusive and hostile work environment by management. Overtime was abused. Other coworkers feel scared and are continuely worried about their job security. A lack of true engineering resources places extreme pressure on two engineers. 1 electrical and 1 mechanical. They do not develop their staff at all, but do treat them badly. The Diamond Bar organization, simply acts like they support corporate objectives, but in reality do not want to be part of a large organization. Local chief has been suppressed by the corporate house for lack of integration. They prefer to continue working in a dollar abundance fashion; that is, throuh money at a situation to resolve it, rather than think, plan and execute with high integrity. They have manipulated end user customers to influence their product customer to gain business.
Overall, they have no integrity and ethical issues are rampant.

What's harm in it?

Layoffs are becoming common in every company in US now a days. But I am not worried about them. It doesn't mean we don't have layoffs in Goodrich but I do know how to please management. Believe me, little apple-polishing can protect you from layoff.

Overall Good!

I am from Redmond, WA (United States). There is some fun technology I am working on. I have very friendly and smart people to work with. This is one of the best companies in Silicon Valley and was the top leading company with highest rating once. But it has recently lost its ground due to some factors. I think top level management got to consider those points where we are lacking. There is poor communication between lower staff and upper management. But still quite better environment, collaborative people around and promotion opportunities.

Stable company

The job is pretty stable and they are extremely flexible with schedules. Benefits are good. Middle management has a very positive and supportive attitude toward its staff. Management appreciates and values the employees’ views and makes an effort to get regular feedback. Company invests a lot of time in training too. The main thing is that there is not much workplace related stress and that beats everything, at least for me!

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