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After 1 year as a contractor I pretty much can sum up Honeywell with one word: FRUSTRATING.... Seems like this company should after all the years in business have a plan in store as to how to train their staff, contractors and temp workers. I see a waste of good energy and money going down the drain as in keeping these services around to really help where needed. Managers seem not to know their positions as they should and slid through by changing departments when it gets difficult or one can not find an answer to issues. No one knows what the other hand is doing most of the time and when questions are asked you are looked down on as dumb and uneducated. Get some real trainers in there to get your staff properly trained people.

Send it elsewhere

It is too bad that a company like Honeywell does not take a long term view towards its place as a Fortune 500 company. I had scene most jobs in my building go overseas, both in manufacturing and services. The management simply could not manage and the magic bullet is to send jobs overseas although the end result was constant rework and retraining.

Many of us devoted years to the company only to be let go at a moment's notice.

The leadership in the company is non-existent and the remaining employees are under constant stress of losing their jobs.

A quick race to the bottom.

Horrible Installation Instructions

I just bought and have attempted to install a Honeywell HE360 humidifier. I searched and searched for the template that the instructions refer to and realized they weren't included in my package. However, digging through some forums online, I discovered that the instructions themselves are actually the template. Great idea! It even says "TEMPLATE" right on the sheet. Imagine my pleasant surprise.

So, I used this template and then tried to install the unit. I discovered that the template was in fact too big for the unit. There wasn't enough overlap to hook the securing clips on the sides nor enough to be able to screw the unit into my furnace duct. How could this be? Did I cut the hole too large somehow?

No. They screwed up. Looking up my unit on their website, I discovered an ACTUAL template for this unit ( The dimensions of this template? 13.5 x 14.1". The dimensions of the instruction sheet/template I received in my package? 13.75 x 14.5". No surprise that my hole was too big.

Clearly, someone wasn't paying attention at their printer and figured they could print these instruction sheets out on whatever paper they had on hand. Well, that's not working for me.

So, now I have an unusable hole in my furnace duct that's too big for the unit due to their negligence. The negligence was including a template that was too large for what was needed leading me to cut too large of a hole in my duct. As you know, I can't just patch this up. Rather, the entire section of duct will need to be replaced. Honeywell are responsible for this and I fully expect that they will pay for all repairs to fix this issue.


IS this what we deserve to get?

It's always a discouraging action to lay off employees who have devoted their many years working for a company. Yes, it's happening here at Honeywell.
We have heard that company is planning to layoff some 60 or more employees in near future because they are not able to manage them.
Huh! how to be secure and sure about the job!

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