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been at hospira for 5 years an watch it get worse n worse all the good people in upper mangment r leavin n they keep preachin abt quality but the pos knw its all abt quanities we hardly get days off n their taking away all our holidays claimed 12 hrs will elimate over time but yet 8 hr people r workin 7 days week n new supervisors with smart mouth who dont knw nothing but PT employees r so tired from working so much and being mistreated that their getting to the point that they dont care anymore they ask for ideas to make the company better but if it has anything to do with how to treat your employees they dont listen maybe if hospira open there eyes to that maybe things will get better bc the pos is who really make your money big plans to improve the company better to make better medicine but all were seeing is new floors new tvs and ipads

Honesty and Integrity

The leaders at Hospira have no Honesty or Integrity. The leaders look to place line level managers in the way as the buffers, so that they leaders have no negative fallout. Hospira is in trouble as they cannot accurately manufacture their product, nor accurately reflect their financial numbers. In addition, IT is a waste of money. The leaders in IT get paid for failures. They need to cut out the cancer.

2013 we will turnaround. count on it.

High Caliber Colleagues to learn from
Leadership lacks in certain areas


If you are interesting in applying there, make sure you apply to the right group
Lay off some reps and managers.


I think the company is fine, I like the insurance package, paid vacations after 60 days (unheard of elsewhere). The complaints I hear and see are from persons who are already lazy thinking and downright lazy doing as well when they walk in for the job on the very first day! These are the kind of folks that would do better working at pizza hut or a bar where there complaints would just be "the latest gossip" and just be ignored. The company does very well to please everyone with many cool perks, services and incentives if one only need look, but again, these complainers want things delivered on a silver platter without lifting a finger of effort to better themselves or others! Go work for tonys in Salina, you wont get breaks, you wont have "fun" and it will be hot! and no vacations till after a year. Or go work outside in the 107 degrees picking harvest crops and using an outhouse with no shade! STOP COMPLAINING AND just DO YOUR BEST and treat others the way YOU want to be treated yourself and we all will have a great time together! If you cannot simply do that then please for our benefit and sanity and desire to continue to enjoy our jobs at Hospira...get the hell out to someplace else to do your bitching you bunch of lazy good for nothing wimps!


What do you do when you find something that helps Serial Migraines, fibromyalga and serious back problems but everytime you get a good doctor he retires or moves. Nalbuphine was an effective tool that didn't require increasing doses. Is there any studies or clinical trials or methods that someone could go to the source, the manufacturer and find who in the world or where in the world I can obtain this medication? You guys know the sales end and I live in Jackson, Mississippi.

Sales rep is a sniveling coward. Never tells us about known upcoming drug shortages. Hope none of the big wigs get sick. They might have trouble getting treatment in Chicago land area with all the basic medication shortages from this company. Can't wait to hear the investor talk in May. Now two more plants are closing. Like watching a horrible car crash in action
Chicago Hospital

How can u work for a pharmaceutical plant and have bad insurace well hospira does their insurace sucks and they are the lowest paid plant compared to everyone they don't care a bout people and their families cause they want u at work allll the time maybe one day off a week if u are.lucky. the supervision is dumb they talk down and disrespectful to the employees.

One of the most irresponsible company .. I dont understand how they are still operating with all the FDA violations and warning letters they have received...I think FDA should return and close the plant down its not functional and the drugs are not reliable. Stop killing our nation Hospira with bad drug product .. I will rather be injected with piss water before I receive any of Hospira products..Close Close before you seriously kill someone..

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