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OMG!!!! I have never in all my professional life worked for such a horrible place. The previous comments are all true. The upper management doesn't trust anyone. All they care about is that you put in long hours so they can milk more money out of the grants they get. At one point I was told by the CEO's wife I was using to much paper and to stop otherwise she was going to charge me for it.
No matter how desperate you are for a job DO NOT WORK AT IQUUM!!!!!
By Someone - as Employee

I'm thankful for being out of there!
By byebyebye - as Ex-Employee
By I'm free
I bet you felt like you have just escaped from hell. I have been there. I know how you feel.
By The lucky one
God bless you. I hope you didn't have to suffer long. I promiss you will appreciate your future job greatly. It doesn't matter how bad it is. It cannot be worst than IQuum.

By Goinggood - as Ex-Employee

Have an interview for a position at IQuum. Is the company really that bad to work at? Any feedback appreciated...
By jobprospector - as Other
By Told ya so
Did you accept a position?
By Fool if you do
This site is very informative, the company is very bad.

Manufacturing Manager?

What happened to the last Manufacturing Manager?
By GuitarMan - as Other
By Hallway User
How do you know? Are you him?
By really

17 mil granted and counting, makes you wonder.
By really - as Employee

17 and counting

17 mil granted to date, makes you sick thinking about it.
By really - as Ex-Employee

17 and counting

The professionals (sic) have received over 17 mil from Washington and it's money well spent, really.
By Henri - as Ex-Employee

Why is Mr. Daniel J. Sutherby so condescending?
By laughingstock - as Employee
By Hallway User
Cuz he's a jagoff
By Close

Is it Time

Is it time for Mr. Greenfield to consider cutting his loses or will he continue to believe the lies of Shuqi and Dan?
By Justasking - as Employee

Hi All

Life after Iquum is pleasant and more lucrative. Funny how quickly
Iquum became just a memory. Great co-workers. Actually an innovative
product, probably best if it got bought by a larger company with a brand
name to back it.
By MOON - as Ex-Employee
By Hallway User
the technology is obsolete now.
By Hallway User
I had a horrible experience working in IQUUM. It's a nightmare that I wish I could wipe it out of my memories.