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think positive

doesn't anyone have something positive to say?
the verp of last year and subsequent firings were due to lost revenue and a misguided effort to modernize. we have to forget what was done (it wasn't fairly done or equitably applied) and move on with our lives. dwelling on a negative past experience only breeds more negativity. we have to find positive (no matter how small) things going on in our lives right now and look forward and try to rebuild (easy words, definitely harder to put into action). help ourselves to overcome adversity.

What a Joke!

I was so excited to get this job but my BEAUTY LEADER is a effin joke!! She sleeps in the salon, talks about her sex life on the sales floor, talks crap about each one of us to each other behind our backs, NEVER closes, ALWAYS has sundays off to watch football games, and to top it off we (as in our counter) made a complaint to the store manager and NOTHING was done! what a effin joke man im just waitin for my gratis so i can bounce that sorry ass job - its sad that they condone that type of behavior!

How do I compute commission

I work in a salon and have tried and tried to figure out how I am paid....nothing on the associate kiosk explains it (that I have found) and no two answers are alike. I have tried to back into the math and it just doesnt compute. Can someone who REALLY KNOWS help please?

Servance package taken back

I worked for jc Penney's for 7 1/2 yrs and when the store closed we were told that we would get a severance package and then they came Back and took it back. I don't understand how they could be so dirty and do this to us.please tell me is it right for them to give some servance pay and not all can this be done to people that has worked so hard .on the other hand can they as a company bring a employee back after they had servance payed them

I have worked at Penneys for 8 years. I notice that all the new hires lately have been young people. Is that legal or even reasonable?

Horrible place to work

This company is on very shaky ground and after all their turmoil of last year ex-CEO..you can expect it's aftermath of very poor management, poor pay, lack of hours, and fear amongst the employees especially the ones who have been with them for well over a decade. The management is disorganized, passive and the associates treat as expendable. You won't make any money and will need foot stamps to work for JCP. This company's golden years are long since past, they are headed for the retail graveyard. Karma for hiring the greedy Ron Johnson and paying him millions to throw them into bankruptcy and allowing him to destroy this Company and fire thousands of workers. Time to pay the piper JCP. Greed is a very bad sin.

Online ordering

I have placed many orders online with JCP. Never have the items arrived at the same time. I rarely receive confirmation from the store. I have orders not complete. Now they made it more expensive to ship to the store. JCP is totally sucking at keeping up with online ordering.

I was in an at JCPenneys for 19 years and 11 mont and I was just wondering where is there any other employees out there that was let go of one month before their retireme


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