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If you want your 401K money back, JELD-WEN's selling to Onex may not help the situation.

It's time for employees and ex-employees to demand JELD-WEN become accountable.

Before the JELD-WEN / Onex sale is complete, contact the Attorney General for the State of Oregon and demand a compliance review of ERISA LAWS, which pertain to how the company must handle and deal with employee's 401K funds.


John Kroger
Attorney General
Oregon Department of Justice
1162 Court Street NE
Salem, OR 97301-4096

General phone number: (503) 378-4400
By Rods B - as Other
By Hallway User
Stick a fork in JW. It's done. Look up Onyx website to learn their business model. This is a vulture capital group that picks over the bones.
By Disgraceful
Your correct about the 401's after 2007. The ones that had prior investment in JW Stocks are what Rod Wendt and Lawyers are going after. They hold a carrot out there to buy 10% for $400 a share then after you sign, they come back with Lawyer language and lower to $200 share. They also are protecting the Wendt Trust incase they liquidate the company. BarryH, Saxton, Turner are all protected against lawsuits when you sign to Onyx contract. Onyx is guaranted $$ on their investment and Wendt/Lawyers have eliminated the JW Stock holder to nothing, YOU sign you get nothing if they wish. They are now trying to say your retirement is tied to whatever stock they can sell? Never was this told in contract and also, they are not selling stock to anyone, but Onyx. Loopholes for Lawyers and they are good. Bottomline Rod you have hurt many of us. You and BofDirectors are a disgrace to Dick Wendt and the Great promise of JeldWen.Remember What goes around, comes around.

Proudest day of my life

Jeld wen gave me a good life to have and call my own. I started working for jeld wen as of October 2012 as a temp to hire . I got chosen to work for jeld wen and hired January 21 2013. That happened to be the proudest day of my life and since then I have given my best efforts to thank jeld wen management . I moved to Klamath falls on 1992 . My pappy Bob Ellsworth Master Sargent from 119 fighter squadron. Happy hooligans northdakota air national guard. He passed in 2004 and my dad means more than life itself to me and jeld wen took me in as family and I am real grateful and very very proud of to be someone and my dad made all of this happen for me . I love you daddy thank you !!!
By Anonymous - as Employee

What an awful company Jeld-wen has become!!!! I'm embarrassed to tell others that I worked for that company. If you work at Jeld-wen, remember have options! Find a good company before they force you out.
By Glad2BeGone - as Employee
By OR employee
Brian S the fool born with a silver spoon will be SOL when JW goes away....haha, that what the idiot gets

Jeld wen uk to make 20% of work force redundant.

By Anonymous - as Employee
By Norcoguru
Look for Orsino to and ONEX to dump JW within 12 months. Hey Tom T, shark teeth left the company, my oh my. Hallstrum you still around? Hold on to those Brooks Brother suits, you will need them of future job interviews. What goes around, Comes around.
By AuraLastGone
They have cut so much I USA that now business is on the upbeat, they can't supply product to dealers. Rumor has it JW and Onex stockholders are asked to sell stocks between themselves. Why?

Jeld-Wen will never be a good company to work for again. The only hope is to unionize to make the company honor its obligation to its employees. Onex doesn't care about anyone except there own stockholders.
By Anonymous - as Employee
By Concerned
I just spoke with 2 employees fired for petty incidents. No"JUST CAUSE". Jeld Wen would be a decent place to work if managers had some guidelines to follow. Jeld Wen needs to Unionize. Not every company needs unions but Jeld Wen sure does.
By misshappy
Amazed...some of us like our job. Some of us on the floor do not want a union. Many of us have worked in factories around my area and know how good we have it! Just letting you know that. and we aren't treated like slaves

55 employees in Marketing have been given noticen KFalls. Offers to relocate to NC.
By Onexblue - as Employee
By Insider
Only 3 to date are going. Entire digital team has declined along with display and sample group - graphics have 2 going. Zero offered for incentive to move. Fear based ultimatum - severance letter handed out when each individual met with management group to discuss. Pathetic. Disaster about to happen - if I was competition, I would be in front of JW customers tomorrow sharing the danger of what is about to happen.

North Carolina

Is this site for real?Nothing about North Carolina closing!!!Come on!!!
By Anonymous - as Employee
By How long can Philip?
You must commit or decline by Aug. 16. To date, all mid level managers have declined, only a couple worker bees are going. All are to be let go by end of year. Severance package is a joke. Nothing offered as incentive to go - increased wages etc. people expected to spend their own money if they want to make move. Could be Orsinos downfall. This is going to be ugly. Great talent kicked out of company with no plan in place. Senior management has lost control. Get out while you can jeld- wen is heading for disaster. This decision says it all.
By ChemoBob
Closing. Tell us what you know. Fact is everyone in Marketing has been let go in KFalls, with offers to move to NC. Doesn't make sense.

IAM - Sucking Leaches

I don't know where jeldwen stands and not sure of employees, but interesting observation. Got on a plane and two fellas with IAM shirts sitting in First Class baby. Give me more money! That should be there slogan. That's were I would want my dues going.
By Anonymous - as Other
By Just drinker
I am sure this guy most likely makes more like $9.00 per minute!!! Probably the 1%.
By Better wages!!!
I am a little confused!!! "Kool-Aid drinker"? How can you judge someone because of what kind of shirt they wear? How much do you make an hour . . . $9.00?

Global Woodworkers Union Condemns Jeld-Wen Labor Violations


Tue. July 23, 2013

Facing a disgruntled workforce and a grassroots IAM organizing movement, management at window and door manufacturing company Jeld-Wen are resorting to further labor violations to suppress and intimidate its workforce.

Builders and Woodworkers International (BWI), the world’s largest global union federation representing wood and construction worker unions, have found that a Jeld-Wen corporate leaflet distributed to employees “sent a clear message to every worker that their job is in jeopardy if they accept union leaflets.”

At a plant in Chiloquin, OR, supervisors violated U.S. labor law by using binoculars to see which employees would take union leaflets as they left work. Click here to see the BWI post detailing violations against Jeld-Wen employees and their right to organize.

The IAM launched an organizing campaign at Jeld-Wen, the world’s third-largest manufacturer of doors and windows, in response to numerous reports of unfair labor practices from Jeld-Wen employees across the U.S. and Canada. Since the effort began, Jeld-Wen management has made repeated efforts to silence its own employees and the IAM, including calling the police for an off-site hand billing, even though international labor standards prohibit interference in the union formation and selection process.

Click here to follow the campaign by “liking” the “Jeld-Wen Justice” Facebook page.

Click here to sign a petition pledging your support to Jeld-Wen employees seeking justice on the job
By Amazed - as Employee
By 20+yearemployee
The only reason we need a union, is due to jeld-wens inability to follow basic labor laws
By rocklinemployee..
We need a union because we are tired of management ignoring labor laws. Managers violating rules is the reason we need a union, yes, in todays world unions are mostly antiquated, but if companies are unwilling to follow laws its the best choice To feel breaking laws is acceptable, or not an issues make me wonder what side you are from

sad managment team

It is sad how are management team in Rocklin are nothing but yes men. I watched last year as the " brown-nose team" allowed Travis to fire employees for no reason, even lying about a can of chili, forging documents, and getting the company involved in a workers comp case. It is time for the Union, it feels weird coming from me, but the actions of cowardly uneducated management has convinced me current changes are temporary, fear of the union is the only reason our GM hands out checks, not his idea, in fact he never even had the balls to address the employee Travis fired over chili, pathetic our GM brown noses Travis too. Travisis daddy sure has
By long85timeemployee - as Employee
By 20+yearemployee
Yes, the IOWA connection is the only reason we have the two idiots. It is sad.


We at JW need a union. 4 years no raises, lots of mandatory overtime, and excess of 60 hrs working a week. Managers that think they own the employees, and a little pit bull who pushes all past the boiling point. Don't know what it's like in you're company, but that's what it's like in Ringtown, PA I'm definately in.
By Anonymous - as Employee
By 20+yearemployee
Our pit bull makes everything worse, as his decisions are based on his ignorance, and personal vendettas. Just last year his personal vendetta cost him to lose at the labor and unemployment boards, costing the company money, and gaining nothing, solely due to his hatred of women in the workplace
By Amazed
are you kidding me? twice over 4 years? The amounts involved, 4-8 dollars a week, does not cover the added cost of gas during the same period