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Recent Layoff Tells/Reviews on JELD-WEN, Inc.

I spent 30 years at the window company. I was there when Auther Pozzi owned it and would come onto the floor and fire you for the way you looked. Then Norteck bought the company and made it so top heavy they almost had to shut the doors then. Then they were bought by Jeld-Wen. They came in demamding everything done there way They hired Managers that never seen how a window was put togther but they had a digree in P.E. or some other subject that didnt have anything to do with windows. They would say to build thing to specs but the bottom line was ship it and the good ole boy system. There are some really good people working there that really care about the product but they are always kept at the bottom of the food chain
By Anonymous - as Ex-Employee

Stuart K. has been let go. Maybe the ONEX a55clowns should let go the Harold Haftka and Jim Collins of JW who continually give product away at a loss instead of letting a stock holder go. Stuart was a great manager and was genuinely concerned about JW's success, Harold and Jim have no stake in the company and don't give a rip that they are taking us down. This company is going down fast!
By Phill - as Employee


Looks like jeld-wen millworks of bend is laying off 1/3 of employees and going to a one shift operation.
By Someone - as Other


26 people lost thier jobs today in Coral Springs Plant... Not a Good day
By poppabear - as Employee


I'v been working for JW 7 years, 5 of which I poured my sweat blood and tears into the product. Last year I had been involuntarily laid off. This year I took the layoff :) times are tough guys but that's what unemployment's for. With any luck I can go to school and have the GOV pay for it all. By the time I get called back I plan on giving my 2 weeks and have my vacation paid to me while I do my dream job. I've been demoted more times than I can count, and seen slackers get overtime time after time. So I decided this past year to take it easy. - Yours Truly, You Get What You Pay For-
By Someone - as Employee