Johnson Controls

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Recent Layoff Tells/Reviews on Johnson Controls

Layoffs at corporate headquarters loom

Big layoffs soon to be announced at corporate HQ. No loss though for those to be let go: you can find a better job. Top management supports an abusive exploitative culture where there is no regard for employee development or retention. If you are thinking of joining this firm, make sure that you ask for hard references from past employees to get the facts on just how the firm operates. Most of them will tell you to look for a better more respectful corporate home.
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There are massive cuts coming in the salary ranks. Top management manages in a reactionary way. Many layoffs have recently occurred and those that are left will be taking pay cuts.

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Dreading Johnson Controls Layoffs

If you finish the day, and nobody tells you your job has been eliminated, you return the next day. If no one tells you the same on Friday, you return on Monday to start a new week.
This makes for a wonderful work environment !!!
Employment is under continuous pressure and it is very difficult to advance unless you are put somehow on a fast track. Under the new restructuring plan, the company plans to layoff between 1000 and 3000 of its 70,000 employees worldwide.

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