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Horrible company that is basically a revolving door. Dont waste your time working for amateurs.

I worked for Paycom in Chicago for a long time, considering their employees only last a few months before getting canned, and to be completely honest, run away from this place! They are completely unfair with their commission structure (yes, your sales manager gets to pick and choose what deals they want to help you close and then they get to keep your commission checks until you close 25K!). If you perform less than perfect for one month, they don't hesitate to fire you. This company has ZERO job security! They are complete idiots when it comes to managing, and expect you to perform with excellence when they don't even take accountability for their own mistakes. They're quick to judge you and to write you up for anything and everything. All of the top reps in my office were fired eventually for reasons that they just don't tell you - they make things up and tell everyone that you just weren't performing well... they don't even give you a warning. One day they fired over 8 people at the same time, and said that the rest of the team were the "rock stars" and eventually fired all the people that were left anyway. I think this company sucks balls and you should run the other way before considering working for such ignorant, racist and discriminatory people who pick favorites and who let 23 year old idiots manage an office.

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