PCS Phosphate Company, Inc.

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Was an employee for many years and enjoyed my time there for the most part. Always had good reviews, even received a couple of exceeded expectations, which aren't easy to achieve, Yet due to a Foreman that didn't like me much, all of a sudden, in his eyes I became a poor operator. I had over 7 different foremans and none of them ever had a bad thing to say about my work ethics. Upper management said that there was an investigation that had been done and allegations ade against mewere found to be true, Yet all of the operators and other foremans that I had worked with said they had not been asked any questions about my behavior or actions. I lost my job due to incorrect allegations made against me. I truely feel like my termination was due to the fact of a foreman not liking me, and for the fact of losing some of the digits on my right hand. It would have been so easy to have reported those, including the foreman who made jokes about my hand yet I kept them all to myself. When yo do your best to keep peace, and d your job to the best of your capability, this is the results you get. Thanks PCS Management for truely knowing what is happening in your workplace. Gerald Price, Jr.

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I heard through a friend that the company has planned to layoff some employees. Unlike other companies, PCS Phosphate rarely layoffs and that's true...

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