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Corporate snake pit

Quad is one of those places built on the backs of minority workers and illegal immigrants but you sure don't see hardly any minorities or women for that matter in any of their many layers of upper corporate fiefdoms. This company to me represents all that is what corporate gluttony and misinformation is all about. Yay for the Walmarts of America that just stomp the heck out of other small businesses and their base workforce falling more into poverty levels while the fat cats get fatter.

I worked for them for 17 years and got laid off three years ago. Walked out like we were criminals, treated like crap.
Thanks Destro, Resurrection Day is now on my ituens. You ing rule!!!!!!VA:F [1.9.11_1134]please wait...VA:F [1.9.11_1134](from 0 votes)

Quad Graphics

You asked for my 2 cents... That's all it's worth. I had the opportunity to work for this company for 22 years. I use to greet HRQ (Papa), nearly every morning. i have photos of myself and HVQ, in which I cherish to this day. People use to say I was more Quad than Quad itself, and I was... Today i drive truck (semi) for another company and I always let Duplianville Transport have the right away. I was put on many deliveries outside of Quad as a contractor, and I met every dispatch on time at night in other midwest states. I also work part-time in a grocery store...Why? Well, at the Pewaukee plant a large photo dispalyed in the lobby, where (Papa) and family also did run a grocery store. Papa told me so many stories about the Chicago boys at that time. I told you I was more Quad than Quad itself. I gave my life for this comapny in many ways. Harry had class, he didn't have to wear a lot of jewlery, just a bow tie. Hary was ready for the recession we entered into, and even invited it to pick up new accounts. I find it hard to beilive whats happening to this company. It's time to think like Harry did. "Give them the razzel dazzel" Give 'em hell "Harry". In the 1984 profit sharing meeting a quote still stands..."Ask not what your company can do for you", "but what you can do for your company". If I remember correctly... In 1994 at the Harford plant a special presentation was in place of a new press and the formal debut of his "son" Mr. Joel Quadraccii". Even though i don't work for Quad at this time, I salute you and all your semi drivers that have disaplayed to be white nights on the road, you are professionals. No doubt I miss a lot of people I use to work with, I was a volunteer of many events at Camp Quad. i heard that at one Golfing event more spectators followed HVQ, than other celberties. It's the "razzel dazzel", it's not there anymore. You got to get back on track. It seems your losing it. I know I lost thousands of dollars in this company by holding this st

Things are changing

From the corporate level to the plant level, management needs to practice what it preaches. Granted, all lot of lower level managers do have their hands tied and are as upset about things as anyone else, that does not excuse the overall hypocrisy of what they teach you in their own mandated classes.

"Ready, Fire, Aim!"....... still have not seen it.

The teaching in the Quad Culture class is one of the biggest jokes I have ever heard, but it took me few years to get it.

All of the stuff they teach you about their founder Harry, how he did business, all of the quotes you hear/read from him and even all of the personal accounts, are all great. I really wish that I would have meet him, or even been employed during his time. Unfortunately, I have seen less and less of his ways each and every year.

I hope the economy recovers soon and they get back to being the company that sold me on working for them. If not, I hope that I can find a better to work, or at least enough money to make the BS worth it.

wasting talent left and right other company are thankful

I was a operator for 4 yrs. They stabed customers in back by running the job 2 days and hiding product. Then start up on customers arrival pretending like just started up and everything is perfect. Brain washed managers make 45,000 yearly if lucky bonus comes threw. Loved playing games with employees as if it was the only job they every held. Talking to most of them probably. Leaving there is the best thing I ever did. Now I here they don't even get free health care. The only thing they got going for them I a weak drug testing program. But don't get seriously injured it could hant you. I left behind some good friends that have been put down so much they are starting to believe working there is only option.
Printed employee handbooks
Restricted access to the Internet (Originally to prevent aimless searches and pornography access)
Business card file (find people on LinkedIn)

i worked for Quad for seventeen years, layed off this year. its true pay sucks last few years, except gold tagers.they alway got there money. worst thing they ever did was buy world color , been to many of there plants atglen,sparksnv.st cloud mn. world color plants dirty, workers didnt give a shit.union babys.crying about everything.

Quad/Graphics / World Color 4581 Lower Valley Road in Atglen Pennsylvania is Starting Layoffs This Week and Will Last into January 2012. About 35% of the Atglen Pa Plant, Some Where Around 60 to 80 Employee's.

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