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Recent Layoff Tells/Reviews on Raytheon

Raytheon IIS lawsuits on the horizon?

What is especially intersting is the fact that discriminiating against people based upon their age is not only immoral, it is also illegal. Should any lawsuits arise out of this, the depositions will likely be quite productive for plaintiff's counsel. Especially given that nearly all those in Raytheon IIS management hold government security clearances. When asked during their depositions if they were ever instructed to hire younger workers, discriminating againsts older workers, Ratheon managers will have a tough choice to make: lie under oath (which is a felony) or tell the truth. Lying under oath during a deposition will no doubt result in failed polygraph examinations, which would in turn result in revocation of the security clearances of Raytheon IIS managers. Then they can join the older workforce as they search for new jobs. I wonder how they will feel being discriminated against.
By Someone - as Ex-Employee
By Ray - Discrimination
I can relate to the practice of gender/race/age discrimination at Raytheon. In October 2010 there were about 110 employees attending a pre-layoff seminar at a Raytheon facility. Almost were over 45 years of age. The atendees have since been laid off. The company has been using a tool called a "PIP" (Performance Improvement Process) to fire engineers who are not politically or socially connected within the company. It goes like this: The targeted employee is told that his performance is below his grade level and is put on PIP. He is given a time in which to "IMPROVE HIS PERFORMANCE" in some cases two months. The wording of the PIP stipulates that if the employee's performance is not improved within the assigned time period, he will be disciplined, up to and including dismissal. I personally know of several highly skilled and experienced employees who have been fired by this process. more than 90% of the recepients ethnic minorities.
By Telonu User

Over 40 - You Are A Target At Raytheon

Huge Layoffs coming... if you are over 40...you are a target at Raytheon. But they are losing many age discrimination lawsuits!!!
By Someone - as Employee

Let go at RTSC

I have no hard feelings about the layoff itself as I don't believe in wasting time where unethical managers scheme. I really got upset when I asked HR for a copy of my personnel file which I had just transferred from IIS to RTSC. I was told by C. Z. (HR) that she had been directed to dispose of my 30+year personnel folder. I asked if she was kidding. She said no. So I lost all documentation of reviews, training certifications; basically my whole history of almost 31 years. This makes it very difficult to substantiate facts of your career when trying to gain new employment.
By Anonymous - as Ex-Employee
By Hallway User
You could easily sue them and win. But they know most will just take the shaft and they are counting on that. I beat them and you could too.

Raytheon Age & Ethnic Minority Dircrimination

Raytheon_Age/Etnic Minority Discrimination
In October of 2010 at a Raytheon Facility, there was a Layoff seminar in which there were about 105 participants (employee that were in the process of being laid off). Of these layoff victims there were only about six (6) that were younger than 45 years old. All the seminar participants have since been laid off. This is the most classic case of age discrimination I have seen. According to Federal laws, employees over 40 years old are a protected group.

One other method used by the company for getting rid of unwanted employees (laying off or firing) is by giving the targeted employee an "I" grade during the bi-annual review. This "I" grade automatically generates something called a "Performance Improvement Process" or PIP. It's like putting the employee on probation and giving him/her a time to "improve HIS/HER PERFORMANCE". The entire process is a setup. More than 85% of targeted employees are Ethnic Minorities - Women, Vietnamese, Hispanics and African Americans and other minority groups. At the end of the probation period many of the targeted employees are fired or laid off. The ones who survive usually have friends who help them get through the process.
The company's Engineering Section managers are pressured to give out PIPs. Many of those section Managers have complained to Human Resources that the practice is unfair and highly discriminatory and may result in Law Suites. In fact, some of those section Managers have asked to be reassigned rather than be participate in this unjust process.

By Someone - as Employee
By Hallway User
this is interesting. i was laid off in April, 2010 by Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson. 225 employees laid off probably 1% older than 45 years. They laid off younger employees because younger ones can not sue for age discrimination. Most older employees there are veterans or people just looking for day to go by, and believe me they do not contribute much. There are great and smart engineers among them and you can learn lots from but most of them already think they are retired. They do not want to learn anything new, they do not want to solve anything new they might not be familiar with. Simply, they as a group do not contribute much to the company in comparing to young ones. Oh, I should not start about politics they play. It was pretty much horrible environment to work in but believe me they discriminate against young one, and most younger employees leave that place after several years anyway.

I worked for Raytheon for 2.5 years right after graduation. I must admit Raytheon is not a good place for a young engineer. The management sucks!!!! They don't have a clue of what to do... just follow the procedure...lol I was laid off in April 2010 and wasn't notified until 3:00 in the afternoon. Only had a few hours to gather my belonging.I was not shocked by Raytheon letting me go that way because they are classless company. I knew they were a classless company from my performance review. They making up stuff so I can't get a bigger raise.My boss would point out any minor thing during the year to try and help his twisted political review.Nothing of what he said had anything to do with my technical skills. One example is when I had to wirte a technical memorandum. I was in the last satge of the techical paper. He said I had a week to get five signatures section head, depatment head, test equipment etc. I had three signature in three days. I gave him the report ( he and the depatment head had to sign the report. I made all the correct changes necessary before get the signatures. Everyone agreedthe technical memorandum is ready to go. He didn't get me the report back until two months later claiming there are more changes that need to be made after everyone agreed that the report is final. The changes he made would not affect the report. He tried to use me not getting the signatures in a week in my performance review. The other engineers used to ask me is my paper done and I would say no not yet wasting on the boss. Actually one engineer who signed the report would laugh and say what's taking them so long to sign.The report was only 30 pages with only minor changes...lol It's all about kissing ass, politics, being friends with the boss to get ahead at Raytheon etc. I was planning on leaving in November anyway.
By Someone - as Ex-Employee
By pass this along
Federal Labor Standards Act - Look this law up, many of you guys are working on salary as an exempt employee and not paid overtime. The company probably has you mis- classified to avoid paying overtime, you can report them and start a class action lawsuit to be paid sometimes as much as four years back for the time and half they owe you and they cannot retaliate against you for reporting them. Oh, guess what. A large software company tried to help persuade these laws written with lobbyist and was able to have certain vague terms used. However, the laws are very specifc and you must meet ALL the criteria and if you are mis classified, they owe you money. And even if you are laid off, they could still owe you - especially if they coerced you to sign some BS clause when laid off to not say anything or sue the company later.

Raytheon layoffs

I was laid off in April, 2010. They gave us 4 reasons on how they selected us:performance, years of service, flexibility, and something else. Everybody who was laid off was on departments' overhead money or about to get on. The truth is no matter how smart and good you are, if you do not have a project to work on, you are very likely to get laid off. Now, let me tell you how you find a project to work on. You go to section head but he gave projects to his friends already. I was asking my section head to switch to different group, and he kept promising it for more than 2 years but did absolutely nothing. Further, when 3 or 4 big contracts were lost, and projects became scarce, he suddenly move 3 friends of his to that group instead of me who was asking him way before. To make it even worse, I had better qualifications than everyone else for such work. That's what you have to do at Raytheon Missile Systems; you have to play politics, take lunches with section head, and even better with department managers, program leads, kiss their butts, luff at their jokes, just go to their offices to ask them how they are doing and chat with them. Even promotions are heavily based on who you are friend with at RMS. Huge chunks of promotions are reserved in advanced for minorities and women, and Raytheon's favorites: veterans. software engineers at Raytheon missile Systems are technically least skilled engineers I met in my life. management is always in get-it-done mood without any idea of time frame, resources allocation. They are so ignorant of modern technical approaches in problem solving. There are good things at Raytheon, but I would not recommend it to anyone especially recent graduates. They do not care about what you want to do, about your progress and career goals. The upper management do not even say hi in hallways.
By Someone - as Ex-Employee
By Hallway User
What was the fourth reason?