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I am thankful to have a job.. And I do sincerely care about the individuals that I work with.. But as far as management goes what a joke. You open your mouth to offer an opinion you are doomed. Get even is the name of the game. Very sad really. No one to talk to when issues arise. No raises...No hope for anything better. Like all the other comments. They sincerely treat the employee like dirt under their feet. I don't trust my bosses as far as I can throw them. I can say this. If the economy was better I would be working somewhere else.

CrapCare -- ResCare

If you are not a male and get stuck working in the facilities area, be prepared to be screwed over by the "good ole boys club" which has 3 Hispanic men that will tell you "it's not my YOB (Job)" -- must be with the Mexican accent as you'll do all the work for them. Work your ass off for little pay, no respect and then they'll tell you they don't need you on YOUR time -- no time clock punch in as they let you go!! Read the job titles for the Tucson area; they can't even get that right!!! They say the security guard must have a CDL and not the Custodian/Driver. Then they hire you as a driver/custodian and work you all the time and, oh, by the way, it's you, the custodian/driver that needs the CDL -- NOT the security guard. And you'll never get a chance to study for it as you'll always be driving or cleaning!!

I have been with Crapcare for 3 yrs now, and it's been 3 years too long. I graduate this fall and will never recommend this company to anyone......EVER. The other people aren't lying when they say you will never get a raise...ever. They will work you to death and when you are burnt out, they tell you to do your job or be fired. Management is overworked or barely existent and the residential staff are expected to work miracles with no means of support. The most recent event was my discovery of the tuition reimbursement freeze. Thanks for letting your employees know about that, especially when they were counting on that money. I also love how corporate doesn't pay the utility bills and all of a sudden, the power is shut off in the house you expected to work at for the night. This company truly is an absolute joke.

Worse Company

This is by far the worse company that I have ever worked for in my entire life. There is no regard for its employees. The people were far less educated than I was and never had any or very little training. All the people did was bitch and backbite each other. The people would take things totally out of context. They did there best to make you feel stupid and make you feel insecure and then ask or mandate that you work a double. Tell me that working more hours makes people more effective. Working in a atmosphere of a living hell is no way to run a company.


if you enjoy getting beat and pissed on for almost minimum wage and no raise since 2007 then this is the job for you...i have been workin there for 13 years and this company has went down hill fast..and thanks rescare for giving me that fucked up bonus and then you took it back from everybody wtf?..these motherfuckers will be out of business soon..


I was laid off a few years ago right before Xmas (nice of them). I had made ResCare champ just a few months prior and they had the audacity to tell me it was because it was performance based. They got mad when I brought up my ambitions of grad or law school, in my exit interview they told me they wanted someone that was going to stay with the company for 7 years (if it lasts that long). Its good to watch the ship sink over the past few years.


Nice Coworkers and rewarding taking care of the clients. Management treats employees terrible.

Rescare sucks

Let me just say this Rescare is a great company to work for if you like to treated like a slave and suck ass! No pay increase in years a shitty 60$ bonus this year..they take away 25% of your pto if you want to cash it in..and your not allowed to talk to human resources directly..did I mention u get your ass beat everyday by clients and they have no discipline plan..after they beat your ass you need to kindly ask them to go to their room and offer them candy cookies coffee!! And trying to get a day off is like committing away as fast as you can!..

rescare sucks

rescare does one minds the shop...when the boat crashes they rush in and dump a bunch of money and crucify the local people...may they go bankrupt

ResCare is the most ignorant and fiscally irresponsible company that I have ever had the displeasure of working for. They claim to be "all about people", but it's really just the bottom line that they care about. There are quite a few caregivers and supervisors who seem to truly care about the clients, but upper management does nothing to support the people below them. There is a definite seperation between the Supervisors and the Directors. ResCare goes through frequent "restructuring" (layoffs) due to budget concerns, yet the executives have no problem dining at Outback Steakhouse for lunch, spending money on ridiculously expensive software that doesn't even fit their needs, "marketing"-which is basically taking people out to lunch and schmoozing them but there was never anything gained by this, it just seemed like an excuse to go to a fancy lunch or be out of the office. They do this, then they pass on a wage cut to the caregivers, or fire a few more people. They have eliminated any benefits that would make someone want to stay, there is no tuition reimbursement, they eliminated the company match portion of the 401k, they no longer let you cash out your PTO time, and the medical plans just get more and more expensive every year, despite having a deductible of $1500-$2500 depending on the plan you choose. And that's just the admin plan, the caregivers are offered a plan that I would barely call insurance. Wages are not competitive, every caregiving agency that I am familiar with pays more per hour, and gives raises. Don't ever expect a raise at ResCare, not even if you are amazing at what you do. They DO NOT give raises for merit. No mileage reimbursement or window time for caregivers either, even though they drive all over town from client to client. The hardest part of the job was keeping my mouth shut about all the dumb decisions they made over the 6 years I worked there, and the best part was the day I turned in my resignation letter.

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