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Worst company to work for

I have been with Rotech for over a year. I have seen mismanagement at its best. What company hires more drivers than it has vehicles? PTO and Sick time sounds good with this company, but it does no good to offer such benefits if you will loose them if you do not use them. The business is too short staffed so good luck on all that PTO and sick days. You must be prepared to act as a sub-contractor although by definition you are not. Always asked to use your care because of its lack of required equipment to do the job. Your phone will also be reimbursed but the amount of calls required to do the job efficiently will eventually exceed the only amount this company will pay (say goodbye to all your earned rollover minutes). The staff averages a high school diploma and management is comprised of people who who have no leadership or effective management experience. There is no training program unless you call reading a huge list of compliance rules that most may not apply to your position. If you find what I have stated hard to believe, you should do more research before wasting your time and effort with such a bad company. I have met some of the most ignorant people working for this company. The professionalism and competency is non existed and forget training. When bringing up problems, beware that you will only highlight yourself. The goal is for you to do what is told to you or you will be a complainer. My best advice is if you have limited skills and are lazy by nature, then this is where you need to be. No incentives, no commendations and the pay does not commensurate with the duties, but of course when you had enough, leave. Look at the turnover rate. Even though I work for this company I am always seeking a change. Knowing what I know about this company now has influenced me never to do business with this company and has even effected my confidence towards doctors since they also play a part in giving referrals to this company.

Corporate Compliance

I worked for Blowtech for 3 1/2 years, (in that time they went through 8 other drivers at the same branch),in that time I busted my ass for them averaged over a hundred hours per pay period. Never had a write up or discipline. Filed a complaint (caught my boss selling equipment out the back door, among other things) with corporate compliance and within two months recieved three write ups. Hired an attorney....their response? "I am the problem with the branch"..... The problem is at the one from the location managers up will admit there are problems because it is taken in the context that they are not doing thier jobs, consequently nothing gets resolved. Everything is swept under the rug. They don't give a rats ass about patient care....we were constantly running out of the F does that happen in an oxygen company????? Does Mcdonalds ever run out of hamburger????? If they did someone's ass would be out on the streets!!!!! They're a bunch of unprofessional liars and crooks. It will never be resolved...because no one at the top will take responsibility for the problems.....they come up with these stupid ideas to try and solve problems they don't understand in the first place. If they ever took the time to actually find out how this business really works instead of reading reports full of false information made by managers that don't want to admit they don't know what the hell's going on they would be able to actually come up with a solution to their problems. It's hard to fix a problem you've created when you won't take responsibility for creating it in the first place. Get back to basics....take care of the patients and quit hiring lazy ignorant people who want to sit on their ass and blame everyone else for their problems. F Rotech.......

I was a CSR at Rotech for a little over a year and I worked reports,order and did the held item all by myself. I had to be in every meeting due to the LCM didn't know what he was doing do to he was not trained at all. Our RM was a every mean man that would talk down to people. I was under paid. I didn't even make $14.00 and hour.

Pressure Reducing Mattress

The Doctor prescribed a Pressure Reducing Mattress for bed sores Rotect says they delivered this mattress. Instead they delivered a Alternating pressure pad system. They billed for one thing and delivered another. The cost of the one delivered was aproximately $200 but they billed Medicare $1000 a month rent on the one not delivered

Medicare Fraud

When is Medicare going to catch up with these crooks? They allege that I had signed for a new machine. I didn't. Makes me wonder that Medicare employees must be on-the-take to permit this to continue.

At the location that I worked before the massive corporate greed layoffs they never had any healthy alternatives in the vending machines.


The service consists of arrogance,ignorance and a special disregard for integrity. Let the buyer beware should be their motto.

Laid off

Laid off for no reason other than "corporate reconstruction". I worked there for four years and watched as locations closed and people fled for other jobs. Their biggest problem is trying new programs without thinking them through...throwing good money after bad. Management needs to be improved from the top down. The poor workers are overworked and underpaid. We had to be on call overnight and use our own vehicles without compensation. Our PST was dirty, lazy and rude. Patients complained about her lack of service. We even had people die and later learned that she hadn't changed the filters in their concentrators for several years. We complained to the area manager and he got mad at us. He kept her as an employee. Area managers are young and inexperienced. District managers don't have a clue what goes on in the field. They spend all their time on conference calls talking to each other. It is truly laughable. In today's world, with the prices they charge, health care companies should be strong. Rotech has an arrogant attitude considering they are sinking fast. They can't even begin to service their massive debt after bankruptcy.


Rotech was corrupt enough to bill me for something they never delivered but claimed to have. They sent me to collections for the product they never delivered and since Valley Home Medical which is the vending company for Rotech said that I had to return everything even the oxygen tanks that I had previously purchased or they would prosecute (even though I had already paid for the tanks and I just wanted to have the oxygen around is case I needed it). They and their subsideary Valley Home Medical in Salt Lake City are the most corrupt and unethical company I have even known. they are the WORST kind of predator in that they practice their mafia tactics on the sick and elderly. Stay away from anything that has anything to do with Rotech

rotech is a company that does not care about the patient or employee. They just had a layoff two days before christmas. All they cut is service to the patient believe me I know after a lot of years of loyle service . Managment only cares about there own pay checks and bonus. While employee get pay cuts and overtime and no time&a half.

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