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Today I went to Target and on the way out my bag disappeared. After looking everywhere and going to costumer service Brigit ,an employ, let me go back and get my replace my items. Thanks to her I was able to walk out of the store with my items. Thank you Brigit!!!!!!!
(Louisville, KY)
By Anonymous - as Customer

Today I went to the new Target store in Orillia Ontario. Just wanted to check things out. Upon entering, I could smell the Starbucks coffee brewing. I love the smell of coffee. However, the smell was just so overpowering in such a short period of time that I had to leave the store without having picked up the items that I needed other then one thing. I cant say that I would go back again if the coffee smell is going to be that strong.
By Anonymous - as Employee

Target used to be a great company to work for; but then they started caring more about the money than the employees. You always had to work short handed, demanded a lot of work out of their employees with little time to do the work. In certain departments it was hard to get someone to cover your break. When you work for the company for a long time they do what they can to make you quit, because they don't want to continue paying your wage. They play favorites with some employees who can get away without working too hard; especially if your cute and young. Very bigoted.
By Someone - as Ex-Employee

Multiple action plans and checklists.
Try to be more open to ideas from employees.
Slackness is unprofessional, and focuses more on helping the employees

By Someone - as Employee

lead pog and toy team Nov. to Jan. on reg. salary, then passed over for lead, interviews not even posted.
By Someone - as Employee

this place is a joke

I worked in the Cincinnati location in the hardlines department. Two weeks was enough from me. Its mind-numbing straightening towels, cereal boxes, and cleaning supplies for 8 hours straight. You literally become a zombie. And then, they expect you to communicate on walkie talkies where you cant even understand the garbled voices of your co-workers. The pay is an insult and the HR person at the Pleasant Ridge location is a witch. I hope shes gone now because she has no business being in human resources.
By Someone - as Employee

Great pay and benefits as an executive team leader.

Very low morale among peers in same position. Many executive team leaders in detroit area are choosing to look for other opportunities. Not a positive work environment--flows down from upper management at the district team leader level. Good for short term experience--bad work/life balance and working conditions. Political environment--promotion not based on work performance. Level of talent has gone significantly down over the last 5 years. Many young/inexperienced managers overwhelmed with their jobs and are leading teams who do not respect them.
By Someone - as Employee

Saeasonal Worker

I enjoyed the work but was not 100% honest with me they claimed they wanted to keep me but at the end of the season fired all the seasonal worker putting me in an difficult situation. Other than that very friendly ppl, fun, well kept environment, cool mgt (before they fired me). Pay is poor starts you off at $7.55 AN HOUR. UGH!!!!
By Someone - as Ex-Employee

Shop Walmart

Shop Walmart - better selection, greater variety, better prices.
By Gerterschnitz - as Customer
By x employee
Walmart bad place to work all they worry about is money more money hateful to their employees I was told that I was not worth a Damn in front of customers. Shop at kmart

Hire US Citizens

I can't believe that TARGET would rather hire a non-citizen over a a citizen. There are plenty of US citizens looking for full time work and even part time work but yet this company would rather hire a non-citizen. I have always been a regular customer at my local TARGET but I will not be shopping there again until their policy changes regarding employee hires. I was at the Rio Rancho, NM store the other day and asked an employee to help me find an item and she had no idea of what I was saying. She picked up the red phone in an isle, dialed and handed the phone to me to speak with the service rep. What a shame. This is not an isolated incident either. This has happened before.
Come on TARGET where is your American Pride.
By Someone - as Customer