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Disappointed, Lack of Respect

I was hired seasonal as a part-time cashier, but was later kept as a regular employee. It has been nearly a year since, but I'm certain I don't want to make it another year. I always call in when required, I put in effort to get all those IC's, batteries, rewards cards, and BBPs, and I'm in the top three for numbers every week. However, I'm the youngest person at the store, and I get the most customers. My store manager believes that my numbers are no where near they should be and that because I am young, "retail is not [my] life", and said I don't care about my job at all. That hurts, because I work hard at anything I do. And this is because I got a survey from one customer who I wasn't able to help to my fullest abilities. Nevermind that I was written up, threatened my position and hours, and that this same thing has happened to other individuals with little more than a slap on the wrist, but I wasn't given a chance to defend my actions.

That personal issue aside, the pay for a cashier was minimum wage, 8.25, but ToysRUs gives annual raises only, and I'm now up to 8.56 which is apparently a higher-than-normal raise for the store. Hours vary by performance. If I do not get numbers (IC's, ect.), then I will not be fired, however, my hours will be cut until I finally quit. It has happened, often. I average about 24 hours a week. During season it is much higher. For management, there is a definite discord in the chain of command and protocol varies by what manager is there for the day. It is often difficult to remember how things should be run. Also, any time you make a major mistake, you will be notified. But any other mistake will only be gossiped about behind your back and you will have to hunt to find out what you did wrong.

Now, the environment. I love when guests come in looking for an item and I can help them find it without them even have to look through the store. MOST of the customers are wonderful too. Mixed, disappointed feelings.

toys r us out sourced our department

Hi I am a former employee for toys r us. recently our transportation department was outsourced to jb hunt. The bad part is that our managers and HR department never give us support in dealing with this matter, not thank you for so many years, not a good bye. I a.m so sorry for the rest of the employees that remain at DC6001 they have to deal with this unprofessional and liars. Dan, Blythe, Kurt SHAME ON YOU.

I was laid off today, Christmas Eve. I was not expecting that because when I was hired I was never told I was a seasonal employee. I am an older worker, too.

horrible, horrible evil company

I worked there for seven years- our store was always under-staffed & you were expected to always be doing 3 or 4 things at once. For instance, half of the time the service desk associate (often me) would have no cashier (they needed to cut hours so the greedy corporate pigs could make even more money) so you would be expected to ring purchases, do returns, adjustments, layaways, internet orders answer the constantly ringing phones (12 phone lines total) plus help customers find items & also direct them to their requested areas of the store, plus you were expected to greet every person that walked in the door, no matter how busy you were. And if our "greet percentage" on the customer surveys wasn't high enough, our manager would actually berate us! How are you supposed to do THAT many things at once?? The place got worse each year I worked there- they always wanted more & more from us, but we were never rewarded or even told "Hey, good job" for all of our hard work & our raises got to the point where they were practically non-existent. (Toys R Us considers 15 cents to be a good raise for an employee who got an excellent yearly review- wow, don't spend it all in one place) Our manager was a suck-up to the big bosses & only cared how the store looked on paper, no matter what the cost to his employees. You would think that he would appreciate all of the bonuses that he earned off of our sweat. And they ruined every holiday for us- between the non-stop stress, screaming customers, & being open til all hours on every holiday but Christmas Day (I bet the greedy scum suckers are working on that one as I type) you have very little time or energy to spend with your family. They want their crummy company to be your life, and Lord forbid if you have a child that gets sick & you need to take a day off. You will get dirty looks and rude comments from certain managers, like "Hey, I didn't tell you to have kids", and no, I'm not kidding about that. Toys R Us sucks to work for

The discount is pretty good. It's kinda hard to get new, young shoppers on your client list.



i worked at the burlington NJ toys r us and it was outrageous. They treat their employees like crap. all of them. all the older women pick on all the young pretty cashiers that get hired. two months after i started working their they started rumors that i was sleeping with the 36 year old store manager, that escalated into me and him dating and then they started harassing me on the computer and my cell phone AND at work. the assistant manager was a creep and sexually harassed me constantly. after telling a supervisor nobody did anything to look into the sexual harassment. after they fired me because of all the rumors i talked to employees at other stores and that happens at other stores as well. they hire pretty girls and all the ugly women get angry.

do not shop at toys r us, help the employees!

I am writting to say the toys r us in ottawa st.laurant mall where a very big help. Helping me find all the things I needed to get for my daughters first birthday. They had a design that no one eles carried even the party stores didn't carry it . I think they shou8ld make the party section a little bit bigger, but they were a very big help looking thing up and helping me find it all.

Black Friday

Black Friday in the Springfield, Ma. store brought close to , if not more than , 1,000 people standing in line at 10:00 p.m. waiting for the store to open at midnight . It would have been chaos at the door if it wasn't for the quick action of ALL the employees of the store doing crowd control and almost getting in fights with irate and rude customers who tried to jump in front of the line of people waiting to get in . My compliments go out to these employees and management for their quick actions in preventing what could have been a major problem(s). Employees were locked arm and arm to prevent any line cutting and recieved a round of grateful applause from the people in line but they should be congratulted by their higher ups in corporate offices for doing such a fine and exemplatory job on such a busy day . THANKS

rotten conditions

toys r us bolton england... no trainning. low wage. corners cut,stress, horrible rules , no breaks, no toilets, eeeew,managers always taking time off behind the top managers back...hahahah, If only customers new what goes on, forging contracts,l , changing rotas, threatened with sack, much much more:(

I was working seasonal for toys r us. I was laid off because there wouldn't be enough hours to support the number of employees. So |I found out that I would be without a job after Christmas eve, that I was being laid off before coworkers that hadn't been there as long as I had. There was just under a month left on my contract, and lets just say it wasn't a very marry Christmas after all.

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