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Just looking and heard good comments regarding travel click
By stoker - as Other

I really don't know where to begin.

There are so many 'chiefs' and not nearly enough 'Indians'. Incompetence is rewarded by promotion. Hard work and customer retention is rewarded with write-ups, demotions, manager shifts, long work hours, inconsistent 'rules and regs.' Anyone who recognizes this company as 'awesome' to work for must be desperate for a job. Not only did they lay-off quite a few people on New Year's Eve 2008, but those left were floundering with no clear direction on replacements, re-assignment of work duties, or who their manager was. If you leave voluntarily, you will be slandered and any and all issues will be your fault. Let's not forget to mention the ineptness of the head of the HR department. She thinks she knows the goings on and the gossip in the office?if she did, she would have put a bullet in her head years ago!
By Someone - as Employee