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Patriarchy and Sexism

When I first started with the Co. there was opportunity, diversity, and equality in the workplace, Largo Fl. After accepting a position at the St. Petersburg plant (VMC) the gender favoritism and sexism got progressively worse. Passing me up for promotion, and the recruiting manager stating he did not receive my application in which H.R. clearly told me she hand delivered to the recruiting manager. Passing me up again this time stating he decided not to fill the position. The position was finally filled by a female with no experience in Printing. Most of the new hires for the print department were males and unaccustomed to working with female employees They were openly resentful including supervisors and managers. From male subordinates saying F-you to my face and calling me Dear, to the same male manager above simulating Come In Tokyo to my chest, and telling me I had a nice a__ when told to tuck my shirt in. How about a lower locker? Yes, the while your down there's got old, when I addressed the issues to management I was told nothing would be done. One the other hand, I was written up for making a sarcastic remark, no profanity involved. Thus the same male manager with workplace infidelity issues, creating an intimidating atmosphere in the females department his infidelity was engaged. This did not stop at a managers level. I went to the director, in which I was told I was the common denominator to all the issues. Human Resources stated I provoked the situations. These are just a few incidents.
My suggestions to Cox Enterprises, the parent Company of Valpak. Restructure your management team. A formal education should be a prerequisite for a management position including H.R. Thus a formal education may weed out the Good old boy atmosphere in the departments needed and bring in managers with good business ethics. Discrimination and Sexual harassment training should be revisited and enforced in all departments and at all levels

I have to agree with the earlier reviewer. I am a current employee and I can't wait for the day I can leave. The company is going downhill and confrontational management seems to blame the workers, not their bad decisions.

I have a family to care of, so I can't just quit, but the day I leave will be the best day of my life

This place is a nightmare!

I would not recommend my worse enemy to work in the corporate office of Valpak. Co-workers are rude to each other. Management is incompetent. Everyone complains about being there all day long. DO NOT work here.

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