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160,000 Employees Directed to "private" healthcare?

So, are Wag employees gonna get discounts at Takecare Health Clinics? Would this option increase Wag cash flow? Don't mind me...just brainstorming. But, maybe this policy would help increase volume and demand for retail clinics. And once the proverbial Jeannie is outta the bottle, the AMA might theoretically have a much weaker position in arguing against retail clinics?
Luv ya WAG.
By Anonymous - as Ex-Employee

Robert Downey Jr

Am kinda having flashbacks...don't know what triggered them. But I remember a time RDJ was having a hard time with his movie career due to drug problems. Ya mention RDJ and people would raise an eyebrow and shake their heads at the perpetual rehab customer's latest screw-up. He pulled it around by taking advantage of an opportunity with an offer of a role in a good movie and look at him now.
The American public can be especially forgiving of continual screw-ups if it is turned into a redemption story. We have a problem with obtaining affordable health care in this country. RDJ's forte is with movies. Wag's forte is health care...What?, do I have to spell it out for you? Gee. I hate working with MBA's ...they can be so dense. Aw....you know

By Anonymous - as Ex-Employee


Hey Wag. news is out that your Take Care clinics are expanding scope of practice into care of chronic disease states. Ya know with the affordable health care thingie there is a lot of financial pressure on states to cut health care costs. Didja know that 18 states and DC allow NPs to practice primary care without physician supervision, In fact, both California and Nevada have submitted bills to expand the scope of practice for nps to unsupervised. Gee, with nursing, Obama, and pharmacies looking to expanding the range of retail clinics, you would think that these professions would unite to fight the political opposition by the AMA.

And as long as I'm daydreaming, ya do know that at least New Mexico and North Carolina have Pharmacist Clinician protocols for pharmacist clinicians? Check out New Mexico protocol....a 60 hour physical assessment course and 300 patient contact experience and the clinician is issued a license with a DEA number to prescribe controlled medication. What??? a guy can't daydream. ya get the ball and run with it. luv ya wag ,for crying out loud think like a pharmacist and not a MBA
By Anonymous - as Ex-Employee

Walgreens Sneaky Lay Offs

It seems to me that Walgreens is at it again. They have been accused in the past of doing sneaky lay-offs. They have done it to me and many others I know of. They simply stopped scheduling me for work, they don't say anything to you, so you show up to work one day (that you had been scheduled on, two day previously) and they say "your not scheduled today" When you look at the schedule your name has suddenly been removed, ask a manager what is going on and they say "this week we had to cut hours" This scenario repeats itself over and over for weeks.
They will never use the words lay off they they just keep insinuating that perhaps next week they may have some hours for you but they won't.
It's shameful how they toy with employees and lead them along I believe it's all in an effort to avoid unemployment payments and bad press, but they only succeed in hurting good employees and their families.
By Anonymous - as Employee

King David Gambit.

Maybe somebody with Wag has actually read the Bible and this might make some sense. Short version..Seems King David had gotten into some mischief that he needed to cover up..essentially he was bedding done with another mans wife. So to cover up, he sends the husband into the heat of battle and has the husband's backup taken from him in the heat of battle in which the husband quite naturally gets killed.

There is version of this in which both technicians and pharmacists are left in the heat of battle in an effort to get rid of them. With the technicians, it tends to be those are chronically sick or even facing being placed on disability. With pharmacist's it tends to be those playing "team player" and taking turns with their partner in mischief in coming in late and leaving early with respect to their relief pharmacist by sending a floater into battle with minimal help.

Like David, the relief man is informed that his technician has called in sick and every day the relief man works defies the laws of probability in being truck day and short of help. Be it disabled tech or non team player floater, the goal is to get rid of the disabled tech or have the floater so overloaded that they can not possibly perform effectively. Essentiallly both tech and floater are "sent into battle wwithout backup in order to pressure them to quit or look bad.

Just a though...ya got a director of integrity...Cool. Luv ya Wag

Triple Nine
By Anonymous - as Ex-Employee

Test review

this is a test reviw
By JZN2000 - as Other

management politics

I was "let go" four years ago after having several surgeries as a result of working/lifting conditions. I was a dedicated hard working EXA....one of the few I witnessed in my district. Those of us who worked for Wag know what I'm talking about as far as the way they use HR's(lawyers) decision to terminate people. They tell you it was HR, not them, giving the lawyers reasons to terminate. I can't explain to non-WAG employees looking to move up the ladder how even assistant managers are considered expendible. My experience was...if your married or single with a child you got promoted to store manager. I you were dating a store manger at another store you got promoted to str mgr. If you were single NO CHANCE. I saw 5 people get promoted before me whose employees hated due to what could've been called hostile environment and other reasons, or were seriously lazy and didn't adhere to the unwritten rules (according to regional mgrs) of EXAs working harder and longer than other assistants, reverse discrimmination, etc, etc. I could go on but you get the idea. Anyone in the district that worked me could tell you how good of mgr I was and could not believe why I was continuely passed over. It wasn't until much reflection while laid up from surgeries and realizing those who were promoted had one or two things in common...married/children. When it was time for me to come back to work, the store manager said I had to report to the Dist. Office which was not policy. I realized they were trying to get me to report back after the companies allowed time for leave of absence. It backfired on them and a day or two later I had to meet a D.T. who said I could not return to work b/c I was a liability to the company and as a result they could not let me return to work in the district. Furthermore, the "company" would terminate my employment as a result. To sum up they(district office) would not let me return to work, and as a result the company would fire me.
By Anonymous - as Ex-Employee


Walgreen's is a horrible place to work. Their senior store managers are all young people that still have Similac on their breath. They are liars and cheats. I worked for them well over 5 years. The only promotions give are to the idiots that sleep with upper management. If you are over 30 and seeking a career Walgreen's isn't the place to work. You'll be fired or harassed to get rid of you. Run from this bias company.
By BERGER - as Ex-Employee

"Best Customers" In A Down Economy

Hey Wag,
Suing the U.S. for the right to sell Class II's again? Did I read that right?...Yea, we know...it's because WAG is genuinely compassionate and caring about their "Best Customers".

Oh, by the by, the fiscal year has ended and the new money year has begun...someone earlier raised a concern that the Northeast might be a little tough at the beginning of the new fiscal year due to a down economy in that region. time will tell. It's not like an earthquake or anything is going to hit right?

Just an FYI, say someone was manipulating schedules such as to pressure their favorite pain in the butt to quit....and also cut costs.... Ya might find that the pain in the butt is one of the integrity linchpins in WAGs Azz......remove your integrity linchpins and a company traditionally loses it's Azz.

Luv ya WAG..but, if you can't be trusted with the little things, how can America trust ya with their health and lives. Calling something "routine business" never has nor will it ever make it right. Remember Enron?....They were all team players too. luv ya wag. Skippy

By BARTON - as Ex-Employee

Image May Be Everything in Tough Times

Naaah, not talking about the Pharmacy that America used to trust...Nope, not the one where WAG is more than a simple re packager either.

Nope. what I'm referring to is the end of the fiscal year to the first of next year. You know that policy in some states where sudafed and oxy traffickers have learned that if an addict pitches a temper tantrum when caught with an illegality in their oxy or sudafed purchase and WAG pretty much buckles and kisses the junkee's azz and pressures the pharmacist to look the other way??? Yea, that one, no not the official fairy tale you give to the public, but the reality which DM's hint at in private to the pharmacists. (team player)

It also extends to robbery of narcotics...give the crook what they want....and we both know that really you may actually be more worried about insurance liability than pharmacist safety.

In the next few months, particularly in the northeast, you may find that policy biting you in the azz. With a tough economy causing some of your precious narcotics/ sudafed customers getting short of funds you may realize that a lackadaisical attitude might give some of your "best customers" the idea that they can simply get what they need without paying....maybe, I'm overreacting.

It's not like WAG has seen an increase in robberies or flash mobs right?
Luv ya WAG, Snoopy
By Someone - as Employee