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By Anonymous - as Employee

Thats messed up to see that on that on your file.
By Someone - as Other

Walmart employee whiners

Complain, complain, complain! To all you whiners out there.......just who is forcing you to work at Walmart? No one. So move on. I suspect that no matter where you work you will be chronic complainers. Life is not a piece of cake. Deal with it like the rest of the world does. Maybe Mommy feels bad for you when you complain, but the rest of us don't.
By Someone - as Other
By hot headed
who's paying u to say this?
By jetboy
Do all old people go to walmart to let foul smelling gases escape while you are standing right there next to them.

Layoffs are continuously happening

The store can be run better if managers take more initiative and trust their employees. It contains very low employee morale, well! company is not doing very well, it's an image of very old-school corporate environment. Due to the declining sales and low revenue, they have laid off many employees and yet more are expected and this is continuously going on...
By Someone - as Employee

Sams Club Closing

Wal-Mart is closing a Sam's club in Cleveland next week, and won't be telling anyone there until the day of.
By Someone - as Other
By Anonymous
all the peoples fired from Sam Club?
By Telonu User
If they don't give a 60 day notice they will be in violation of the Federal W.A.R.N. Act.