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These are tough times and we all have a layoff story to tell; something that happened to us or someone close to us. Share without linking to a particular company.
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BlackBerry Ltd. has laid off about 250 of its employees at its headquarters in Waterloo, Ont., as part of its latest move to trim costs, the smartphone maker said on Thursday.“This is part of the next stage of our turnaround plan to increase efficiencies and scale our company,” a BlackBerry spok... more...
Spirit Aerosystems , a major supplier to Boeing , Airbus and other aircraft makers, is expected to lay off about 300 people on Thursday, a union leader said. more...
Orthopaedics manufacturer Biomet has announced that it will close its Swiss facility in Le Locle. The company cites declining global prices for medical devices and a challenging economic environment as the reason for the closure in a press release. more...
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Despite the excellent feedback I had gotten on my work from both within the company and from clients -- as well as my years of service there -- I was one day notified by my team lead that I was being let go due to a decision at the upper level and at no fault of my own. My email and accounts were then abruptly cut off not long after this notice, so... more...
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NANA Development Corporation Energy & Utlities

Very disrespectful layoff procedure

Very Poor
The company handled layoffs VERY badly. Severance packages were insulting. Employees were escorted out of the building and not permitted to collect their personal belongings - someone from HR packed up their things and had them delivered to their homes. Really, really bad. Atmosphere of distrust, cronyism, and rumor generation. I would not work for... more...
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InfoSys Technology

Tomorrow is D Day

I've been through layoffs before. The way it is being handled here is awful. Everyone is stressed and management is doing nothing to help the employees through the stress. Totally unprofessional, heartless and most cold. I'll find another job but I have a life and a family. This is affecting everything and it's been dragging out for a month. I have... more...
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Layoff Survival & Bounce Back Center
AFTER a layoff, your self-esteem and personal relationships may take a hit. Your bank account and quality of life may both spiral downward. You may not even be sure you can pay your mortgage or rent.

And now you’re supposed to go out and convince employers that you’d be a great hire... more...
Mr Freddie Low, who was retrenched last month, is now upbeat about his new job as an IT manager with SearchWorks, an Asian recruitment agency. — ST PHOTO: DESMOND LIM

When Mr Freddie Low’s boss called him up last month, he was told to choose between ‘resigning’ and receiving ‘... more...
Workers who remain after downsizing experience emotions that range from initial relief to guilt over their good fortune. Following layoffs, managers can provide support specific to survivors.

As bad as the unemployment situation is right now, a lot of people still have avoided the axe. ... more...