Donald R. Depriest

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DePriest is a liar and crook who happens to be married to an ordained minister in Columbus, Mississippi and donates the money that he steals to state politicans to gain favor and influence and sit on the Board of the TVA. He is a worthless cheat with countless lawsuits involving breeches of contract and loan defaults and has a judgment against him totaling more than $9million.
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I can call now...if convenient??

Very dishonest person with little integrity

Don Depriest will present himself as a wealthy venture capitalist but in reality he has no resources what-so-ever and is a crook.

He will try to buy a company with his puffery and then proceed siphon whatever cashflow it can generate for him to pay for his previous trainwrecks of companies and their bad debt.

People are on to this guy and his habitual fleecing of others as evidenced here:

I would stay far, far away from him and his cronies on payroll.


Guy who lost his life dream to Don Depriest.

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