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Oh oh oh, this looks like fun. No meattr where you start, you will make nothing but drastic impacts. Oooo, love it. Haven't seen the kitchen, perhaps in an earlier post? I do love kitchen and bath reno's.Good luck, will follow you along.Sue
By Kholifah
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RayHi Dave! Got a great qotesiun for you I'm interested to know how you feel about celibacy,since I'm practicing it for quite some time now. or if you will consider it in the future? haha. Thanks for sharing a lot with us on your blog! ;D
By Inta
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Michele sent me here, Tracie. Hi!That's hlroibre, Tracie. I'm sure there's a reason you're reliving your feelings of alienation and despondancy from when you were being abused--but it must be quite unpleasant. I hope that hallway gets easier to deal with, Tracie.
By Kaori