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New Leaf Academy was hard- but it helped in the long run.

New Leaf isn't an easy place to be. I am a 2010 graduate from New Leaf, and I have been at home for 6 months. At first, I had little faith in the program and the staff who work there, but it just took time to adjust. Once I was adjusted to the program and gained acceptance, I was able to work on my issues and family problems.
I was at New Leaf for a year and a half. I would consider myself successful. I get along with my family. I have friends. I do well in school. I lead a somewhat normal life. Sure, I struggle at times, but doesn't everyone?

Before you parents send your daughter here, you should know:

1) This should be a final decision. Do not back out. Be truly sure that you want to send your daughter here, and no matter how much she wants to return home and says she hates it there, do not feel guilty. It is best for you and your family.

2) Trust the staff

3) New Leaf shows the tools- only you can choose to use them.

4) If under any circumstance you need to pull your child out of the program, be sure to have everything at home well structured to allow the smoothest transition possible.