University of California, Berkeley

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What an awesome campus

I love the campus --- so lively. I am applying!
By HighSchoolStudent - as Other

All in all, UCSF is a great place to work .

Pay isn't as competitive as in the private sector, but the benefits are great.
You do get burned out though. Too much work! Not enough resources. UCSF will consume you. If you don't mind working hard..then this is the place for you. You will work for every penny earned. This place is not for slackers.
By Someone - as Other

Stop creating so many associate directors, VPs, and associate dean positions!

Because of union laws, we're not allowed to earn tips -- not a very good incentive to work more. The pay is also low compared to other places.

Since I worked as an employee of the lab rather than as a student I wish that the head of the lab had taken more time to make sure I was reading and learning material outside of the focus of the lab.
By Someone - as Staff

the UCPD beating on students.
By Someone - as Student

Protestors continue to

occupy Wheeler hall .. we will be here all night -- this is America
By Someone - as Student

We will be victoious

Many many of us are holed up here on the 2nd floor of Wheeler hall -- we are making a very strong point to the UC Regents that they just cannot raise fees 32% on a base that is already to high. Come by -- join us on the Cal campus
By Someone - as Student

My son has been arrested

This is horrible -- my son has been arrested for protesting at UC Berkeley. he was with his friends in the Wheeler halll bldg. What should I do?
By Someone - as Student

State priorities messed up

This 32% fee hike is just insane. It appears like California doesn't want to invest in its schools, but would rather build prisons. This has got to stop. Say no to fee hike.
By Someone - as Student

32% increase in tution fees

This 32% increase in tution fees for University of california is insane...Some of the students really can't afford it in this current recession. Government should do something quickly
By Someone - as Student

Police has arrested some of the students

Hey, I heard that police has arrested some of the students in the campus. WTF is going on
By Someone - as Student